FPV Woggle Course

by FliteTest | June 17, 2013 | (16) Posted in Challenges

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iBcrazy and Bond jr. (Alex and Jeremiah) join the Flite Test crew for a fun obstacle course challenge made out of pool noodles (aka: woggles).

 The woggle course consists of pool noodles and pvc pipe setup around the yard in random arch shapes.

For this low pass challenge FPV challenge the crew put together these perfectly shaped arches for the flying wings to pass under.Josh is flying an old Stryker that has had it's nose cut off and has seen its share of crashes.Jeremiah (Bond jr.) is flying the Swift II Retro Blue paint scheme.David has a Turnigy Tek Sumo, but he setup his flying wing with a little something more.To helps stabilize the wing, David setup the Tek Sumo with a KK2 Flight Control Board with Open Aero setup. Alex (iBcrazy) is flying the Tech One Pop Wing.

Flying completely FPV the woggle course turned out to be challenging and fun.

Flying wings were everywhere! Other than to simply try to keep your airplane in the air and fly through as many arches as possible, there wasn't any specific rules.

Everyone had their own strategy, but Alex seemed to be having the most success.

What was his strategy? Aim for David.

Special thanks to iBcrazy and Bond jr. for stopping by and helping with this challenge.

Be sure to check out the great stuff Stone Blue Airlines is doing here: Stone Blue Airlines    
Check out their youtube channel HERE.

More photos in the forum post.  CLICK HERE to join the discussion!


casehatter on June 17, 2013
hey Crazy what kinda goggle's do you use...???
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StoneBlueAirlines on June 18, 2013
Alex uses some home brew goggles. I use vuzix wrap 920.

Jeremiah Bondjr.

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lracnolip on June 20, 2013
An other great show. I think it is so great having other people into the hobby on to your show. Alex and Jeremiah both have great youtube channels that add so much to this hobby, would love to see them on another episode.
What camera's are used? I have been using my Gopro, but have problems with close range perspective.
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sirbevalot on June 18, 2013
do a fpv contest like the "outback Joe"' challenge in Australia. On a smaller scale.
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UndCon on June 18, 2013
The most noticeable thing here is FPV camera VS GoPro camera for Video

Ditch the GoPro-Video out - go FPV camera all the way.
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peoplearegreat on June 17, 2013
Get David some 50 SPF sunscreen, his rosy cheeks are starting to look like Santa's!
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liveyourdreamsRC on June 18, 2013
Nice to see the wings out again. I like them. Great idea by the way!
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ludovic on July 18, 2013
great episode!!! really fun to watch
the different quality of the footage is quite noticeable, what cams did you use?
or is there another factor to take into account?
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FPV Woggle Course