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by FPVTrond | September 14, 2013 | (22) Posted in Projects

FPV49 build thread


The FPV49 is a scratch built RC deltawing designed to carry an on board live video system as well as an on board HD camera.

FPV49 uses Kline-Fogleman airfoils also known as KF or KFm (modified) airfoils. Unlike traditional airfoils the KFm has one or more steps induced along the length of the wing. Behind the step a vortex is formed which becomes an adaptive part of the airfoil with low friction. The KFm will give the plane a very mild stall curve and in my experience dampen vibrations due to “un-clean air”. I, like many others have found that the KFm performs very well when flying in the wind.  The biggest drawback in my experience is that there is some drag compared to “standard airfoils”. However in my opinion this is a small price to pay considering the stability of the adaptive airfoil.

To learn more about the Kline-Fogleman airfoils please check out the following links:











The plane design is heavily inspired by both Schraut5 and rctestflight. Compared to Schraut5’s FPV40 and rctestflight minizephyr the FPV49 has less sweep as one can see on the illustration.

Since FPV49 is designed to carry FPV equipment it needs to have most of its payload in the nose section of the plane.  Center of Gravity is about 24cm from the nose.  If you fly with a tail heavy FPV49 you will have a hard time to control it, so put that weight in the nose.

Technical Data:

-              Wingspan:  approx. 49 inches

-              Weigh 1 to 2Kg (depending on your electronics)

Plane Typical Building Material/Tools:

-              Depron foamboard (but most types of foam will work just fine)

-              Packing tape (tapebrothers.com)

-              Control Horns (or popsicle sticks etc)

-              3x Carbon Strip (8mm ish recommended for main fuselage)

-              UHU Por glue or other foam friendly glue (woodglue works, but takes a long time to dry properly)

-              Hotglue! But be careful it can melt depron

-              Pushrods (or stiff metal string)

-              Velcro

Optional material:

-              2x Carbon strip (6mm ish for elevons) (you can drop this if you don’t plan to fly fast)

-              Battery bay made out of plywood or similar

-              Camera bay made out of plywood or similar

-              Coroplast for hatch/winglets


Plans for FPV49v1, 2 & 3:


Winglets Drawings:



I strongly propose to laminate your FPV49 with packing tape in order to reinforce the construction. Depron can easily break in a crash, but once depron is laminated with packing tape it is almost indestructible. Use the same method as Ed from Experimental Airlines to cover the plane.





This version is the first one I made in the FPV49 series. It is very light and flies really slow. It has a KFm-2 arifoil, but it could just as easy have a KFm-4 with one 6mm step at the top and bottom.

Of all the planes I have tried this is the simplest one to fly since it is so slow. The drawback with this one is that it may flex a little due to it’s light/thin construction.  If you are new to large wings this is the best one to start with. It is also very nice for Line Of Sight flying.

With this plane I would recommend to make real large winglets to make it even more slow and steady :)

Use one C sheet and two A sheets. 




This version is just like the FPV49v1 only with double thickness of the main body. The extra thickness makes the plane more solid and less open to vibrations and thus better suited for high quality areal video.

 Use one C sheet, one D sheet and two A sheets. 


For advanced FPV fliers. I made this plane to take the FPV experience to the next level, it can be build light, but for my purposes I wanted a strong reinforced wing that could handle greater speed and give rock solid video.  It is reinforced with more/thicker carbon spars or rods and uses plywood battery and camera bays to reinforce the plane and protect the equipment better.  Because this is build for more speed it uses symmetrical KFm airfoils like KFm-4, but KFm-7 is also a good candidate for this wing. I use a bigger motor and ESC and load it up with two 3cell 2650mAh batteries.

 Use one C sheet, one D sheet, two B sheets and two A sheets.


KFm-4 fluid simulation:

 (watch in HD)



Oh yes it has been built and plans will be posted here as soon as I have perfected it!






Flies pretty good:



I use one or two 3 cell batteries that power everything for all my setups.  This is simple but the drawback may be that you have to put some effort into reducing noise from motor/esc so it doesn’t interfere with the video system.

I normally place the video transmitter on one wingtip and the radio receiver on the other. Ferrite rings are used on cables going along the fuselage to reduce unwanted noise.

Ferrite rings on control cable connected to the ESC is a must! Use ferrites on video cables as well.

I normally use a separate UBEC to power the radio receiver instead of feeding it via the ESC. If you do the same you can cut the + and – cable from the ESC and only use the signal cable (white) between the rx and the ESC.


Live video camera:

I use a 600TLV Sony Super HAD II camera with 2.8mm lens.



To me the most important thing is not to have “realistic” colors in the live video, but rather to be able to see as much as possible due to safety reasons. The Super HAD II camera is very good for this purpose.

I prefer a smaller lens like 2.8 to the 3.6 simply because 2.8 give a wider field of view.  Flying with bigger lenses feels like flying while looking through a binocular to me. :)


Proposal  1:

Prop: 9x6

Motor: 1400KV / 88,3gram / 420W



Proposal 2:

Prop: 9x6 / 10x6 / 11x6 ish

NTM Prop Drive Series 35-42A 1250Kv 500W:


(or  something like this)

 Proposal 3:

OMA-3820-1200 (.25 Size)

ESC: 50(60)A


Or maybe something bigger:







Ferrite Rings:



Battery: 3cell (11.1V) 2650mAh (25-50C) (when using GoPro) // 4000mAh 3cell without GoPro


2 x 32 gram ie: DS329MG:



Electronic wiring diagram:

Don’t want to ruin the plane on the first launch?

Check out the How to launch the plane properly video:

Do not side toss it like you would a lighter and smaller plane.  You have been warned :)

Some videos taken from FPV49








If you have suggestions to improvement or alternative electronics please let me know :)

The next step:



-              UNDER CONSTRUCTION        -


Christian Jeppesen on September 16, 2013
Nice article, very useful :D thx..
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28th St. Air on September 16, 2013
one of the best looking articles ive seen on ths site in a while but that is not surprising coming from you. awesome detail and thoughtfulness like on your youtube channel. thx
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planemad man on September 16, 2013
fpv trond on f.t brill!!
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24367dfa on September 17, 2013
thank you for this great article.

you might want to fix the links, you broke them when copy pasting.
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FPVTrond on September 18, 2013
Will do! Thanks for letting me know :)
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24367dfa on October 22, 2013
just saw that the same error occured in your post on the norwegian fpv forum. you might want to fix these links too.
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Silver on September 16, 2013
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ci3jk4FPV on August 10, 2016
You might also like a hot wire version that I have made based on Trond's plans.
Tronds version is GREAT, but I had some problems to find 6mm depron.
40mm styrodur /XPS foam was much cheaper and easier to find for me :)
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filken on November 14, 2013
I built an 80% size version of V3 and it's amazing! I love how it flies. It tends to wag a little. Any suggestions on how to fix that? I also noticed that it doesn't have any glide slope to speak of. If I chop the throttle it starts to dive. Is that normal or could I have a CG issue? What is the easiest way to tell if you have the correct ballance?
Thanks again for the work you have put into this. Keep it coming!
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ToxicToast on October 7, 2013
Looking forward to your FPV49v4-can't wait!
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24367dfa on November 2, 2013
check out the fpv49v4 plans/build tips video on his youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7gGbP7GMi8
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skelator on February 7, 2014
all using 6mm depron?
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FPVTrond on February 8, 2014
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fluffy3940 on March 15, 2014
How have you done the hinges?
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fluffy3940 on February 7, 2014
Hi, I am unable to get hold of foam board large enough to build the large wing (part C and D) if i split in half do you think that it would be strong enough still?
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FPVTrond on February 8, 2014
maybe, I would add some extra carbon to support it just to be sure.
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godonholiday on April 5, 2014
So I have the following:
35 -36 1400kv motor,
Turnigy UBEC -5A
and some Ferrite Rings

I dont have the sensor or OSD.

Can I just plug th motor to the ESC and then to the battery? Or do I need the UBEC? Not 100% what it is for?

Second question is, in the diagram you only use the white cable on the ESC to the reciever.. as i am not using the OSD, i can just use all 3 cables right?

Thanks in advance for any help
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henry_nator on April 3, 2014
I se you have 3s 2650mah with gopro and 4000 without but in the build video you use two?
should I use 2 or one lipo with and without?

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nico swift on March 1, 2015
bonjours,j'ai construis une fpv49 v4
28-26 950 kv
turnygy esc 60a
hélice 11x5
gyro eagle a3pro
servo 15 g graupner
rx graupner gr16
tx 1.2ghz 800mw
camera 600tvl sony
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Haralabos on March 23, 2015
Hi! is there any PDF plans of FPV49 V4 ???
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Lorenzo 15 on October 5, 2015
is there PDF plans of FPV49
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Lorenzo 15 on October 5, 2015
Please answer
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dadi3 on June 28, 2016
I saw your awesome videos with flitetest and was wondering what setup are you using to achieve such distances and heights. If you could do an article about setting up long distance FPV wing I would be really grateful. What kind of transmitter/receiver/frequency are you using for video and radio controll?
Thanks for answers.
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FPV49 Build