Ft Duster Review/Flight

by MralexFpv | December 10, 2013 | (5 Ratings) Posted in Reviews

I want to thank flitetest for their support in this hobby and inspiring me to build this aircraft. I also want to thank lazertoyz for sending me the plane and the electronics.


LordVader on January 19, 2014
Very good review and nice video. Keep up the good work, really entertaining.
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Jghanson25 on January 20, 2014
awesome job dude! great video with smooth and comfortable dialogue in front of the camera. clear and concise information on the aircraft and what you can do with it/how you can go about building it. Your gonna go far kid, keep it up.
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TheGill on February 14, 2018
Agreed! Enjoyed the flying, gotta find a cameraman to get some zoom on those maneuvers!
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