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by FliteTest | May 25, 2017 | (3 Ratings) Posted in Podcasts


Flite Test family—we have leveled up with 700K subscribers on YouTube! And that is only because of the love and support you show us every day! 

In honor of this milestone, on the we wanted to look back at the milestones we’ve reached over the years.



Flite Test channel was born | Our first-ever episode was filmed and we flew the E-Flite Taylor Craft

100K subscribers | Talks of the first Flite Fest and the Beginner Series was launched (heh heh…)

200K subs | B-17 “Memphis Bell” project, FLITE FEST 2014 and Google Project Wing/Amazon Delivery Drone (Drone gum delivery anyone?)

300K subs | Connex HD downlink and FT Tiny Trainer release!

400K subs | Star Wars Star Destroyer project and we started using water-resistant foam board

500K subs | RedBull Flugtag winners and the FT vlog began!!

600K subs | Death Star project, Flying Christmas Tree and Control Line Challenge; Oh, and the weekly podcast began

700K subs | Flite Fest West 2017 (Lego Plane and C-17 projects!), Mavic Pro GIVEAWAY and our FT Gremlins were released


Flite Fest East (#FFE17)

We are getting so close to our flagship Flite Fest event! Join us July 13-16 in Malvern, Ohio, for four days of flight, sun and family fun! Also, we are still looking for volunteers to help make the event the best it can be.

Register for #FFE17 here.

Volunteer at #FFE17 here.


As always, thank you for listening and being a part of the Flite Test family! Until next time, “deuces!”


TurtlesThatFly on May 25, 2017
Wasn't the first plane you guys reviewed the Parkzone F4F Wildcat?
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nicova on May 26, 2017
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amissall on May 28, 2017
Hey Josh can you make a T-34 plane?
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amissall on May 28, 2017
my grandpa flew one.
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amissall on May 28, 2017
That or does anyone have any plan s for a foam board T-34?
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Sir Fly on June 9, 2017
You know mate I was just thinking... What if you converted plans for a AT-6 Texan to look more like a T-34? Besides the engine cowling and tail, the two planes are very similar!

Of course, you could always make ur own plans with photoshop or a CAD program.
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amissall on June 17, 2017
Ya. Umm How do you do that? What program?

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Sir Fly on June 17, 2017
Well Nerdnic has a few tutorials on his website. I think he also has a few in the FT articles and forums. Basically he uses Photoshop (I think) to create plans from a 3-view picture of the plane. However I imagine you could alter plans for a Texan, which might be easier.
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amissall on June 17, 2017
Is there a store that will laser cut foam?

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Sir Fly on May 30, 2017
Russian Flying Tank anyone????
Antonov A- 40
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amissall on June 9, 2017
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angelamaria on July 14, 2017
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yifitvaz on January 3, 2018
Thanks for share. it's interesting to hear. I'm also planning to see all the movies that went to theaters. I think I will start with a review of the movies I watched

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