FT Spitfire with Awesome Paint Job

by PyroBraniac | June 23, 2013 | (8 Ratings) Posted in Tips

A few weeks ago I printed off the plans for the Flite Test Spitfire... during this period of time I was in highschool and was very busy but when I saw that David designed a swappable spitfire I was decided. After I finished the building process (excluding powerpod assembly) I wanted to paint the spitfire to appropraite colors. This is what this whole artical is about (because I assume that you guys know how to build it :-) ). Anyway this is the plane before decals were put on and all that was applied was camo and stripes.

After this process I applied the rest of the decals wich I used hot glue to stick to my plane. Here are some pictures...

The only question I have is this... if I get a 3 bladed prop and a spinner, would it be better to get landing gear or is belly landing it OK? Other than that I just wanted to share a paint scheme for Flite Test's Awesome Spitfire!


Also please leave a rating! Thxs!


PyroBraniac on June 24, 2013
For the wings and body look up roundels in Google images, and for the S and 6 I just drew them and cut them out!
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PyroBraniac on June 24, 2013
Also what kind of motor are u guys using because I really don't know whether I need better torque or more speed for this plane?
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slav on June 23, 2013
You can risk belly landing with 3 bladed prop but chances are high it would brake I would add landing gear
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Ivanlopezvergara on June 23, 2013
Hi, nice job. Yes, add a landing gear. We did and we are landing saving the prop. Even take off is easier.

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PyroBraniac on June 23, 2013
Cool I will! Thxs!
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kah00na on June 23, 2013
Where did you get the decals? I'd like to print a set of those for mine!
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