F4U CORSAIR - Build ( Updated )

by aviator08 | September 23, 2015 | (22) Posted in How To

F4U Corsair Build

After watching Disney's " Planes" my step daughter asked me if I could build "Skipper".  We had already built "Ripslinger" and " Dusty"  and a couple other FT aircraft. I told her I wasn't sure but would see what I could do. Having recently learned some AutoCAD, it became a challenge for me to complete. One of the "must - haves" was to maintain the big round look of the fuselage; another one was to use only the materials that the FT planes use so it could be inexpensively duplicated and the third was to incorperate the "swappable power pod" . The F4U Corsair build has met those requirements and is a very scale flyer. It performs loops, rolls, and inverted flight quite well. The silhouette is easily identifiable and is fun to fly.

Have Fun and Fly Safe!





 Build video with maden flight.



Here is the round fuselage build video. This looks more scale then the folded fuselage.




 Distinct silhouette.



 Build sequence for the Corsair

Ready to install Center Section.


Center Section attached.


 Ready for the wings.


Wings attached.


Tail section installed.


 Battery fits on top of Power Pod Plate.




 Ready for Test flight.



Other Pictures

Prototype next to the FT Mustang



Second build with black foam board. 


Third Corsair... Plans proof build.






Skipper's friend Dusty


 Second Flight of Prototype




WEIGHT WITHOUT BATTERY: 20 oz. ( 567 g) 
CENTER OF GRAVITY: 3" ( 76.2  mm) from leading edge of wing 
CONTROL SURFACE THROWS: 16˚ deflection - Expo 30% 
WINGSPAN: 46 inches (1168 mm) 
RECOMMENDED MOTOR: Park 425, 1000 kv minimum
RECOMMENDED PROP: 10 x 6, 10 x 7 prop 
RECOMMENDED SERVOS: (4 ) 9 gram servos



81zapper on November 18, 2015
Just fantastic the plane, the video ,the whole package. congratulations on a great job. You got my creativity flowing again Thanks. Do some more .
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topper60 on November 19, 2015
superb airplane and super job, this is one of my favorite airplane.
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jrvalentin62 on November 18, 2015
Great job! Looks fun to fly.
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HilldaFlyer on November 26, 2015
Super plane, and nice build. The Corsair has been on my list for a long time.
It looked like you struggled a bit getting the central wing section through the fuselage. When I run into tight fits like this, I use a piece of masking tape on the edge of the piece I'm feeding through and pull on the tape to get alignment. The piece slides through. While this has been successful a few times, other times removing the tape tends to rip the paper off the foam.
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magicmerlin on November 18, 2015
all I can say is "WOW"!
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EagleRC on December 10, 2015
I'm just getting started with scratch building, and I love the corsair. I really like your design. Thanks for putting it out there. I hope to try to tackle this one next year. One question, do you think you could get a truly round fuselage by peeling the paper off the inside of the foam board and using round formers?
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aviator08 on December 10, 2015
Yes, I'm working on a A6M Zero proving the concept. you can see it in the forum section under swappables. It is titled "a sneak peek of a new aircraft" I posted it last week. Looks like it is going to work well. Once I get it finished and flying I will work on Version 2 of the Corsair with the truly round fuselage.
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EagleRC on December 11, 2015
Found the pictures on your forum post. Looking good. Interested in seeing how it progresses and what the final product looks like. Thanks.
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aviator08 on December 12, 2015
It is coming along nicely, I will create an article once I get it test flown.
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Jw547 on December 25, 2015
As a good friend to the brains who methodically built the plane, I would like to comment on how wonderfully this plane flies. I met up with Aviator08 out at the local field and was presented the opportunity to fly his hand made Corsair. I was a little skeptical about how steady this bird would fly before I was handed the TX. As I throttled up and across the runway, it immediately became apparent that this Corsair was going to be a blast to fly. With just a few feet down the runway the bird instantly lifted off and was airborne. To my surprise, this Corsair was surprisingly steady on the controls and had no problem climbing to altitude. I put it to the test with some loops and rolls and without any hesitation the Corsair performed flawlessly. I was able to pull off an inverted half loop and there was certainly enough thrust to get it over. On a 4 cell, there is nearly a 1:1 climb ratio and has no problem performing most stunts. Bringing it down the runway was much of a dream as it lightly descended down the runway. If your thinking about building this, you will not be disappointed.
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The-One-Who-Never-Crashes on November 18, 2015
Looks like it'll be a great companion to Dusty and Ripslinger, as well as to the upcoming FT4U Corsair!
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Krivak957 on November 18, 2015
I consider this model a great breakthrough for FT-style building. Your folded fuselage is shockingly effective at looking big and round without the technical trouble of making a truly circular cross-section. At the typical flying distance for FT airplanes, the "facets" of your design essentially disappear. It will be even less noticeable if the model is painted and decaled.

Using this technique for "round" fuselages, we can now build FT-style Zeros and Thunderbolts and Hellcats and other radial-engine planes that we love. Thanks!!
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aviator08 on November 18, 2015
Thanks to all for your nice comments. I used this type of body style for the C-17 I designed also. It can be viewed at : http://forum.flitetest.com/showthread.php?23000-C-17-C-130-and-other-quot-Heavy-quot-aircraft
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abieex on November 18, 2015
Beautiful airplane and very well done. Professional job. Thanks and looking for more high quality like this.
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Flyingninja on November 18, 2015
I know what my next build will be!

Could you make a tiled plans option too?

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aviator08 on November 19, 2015
I will work on that. Hope you enjoy the Corsair. :-)
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aviator08 on December 7, 2015
I now have Tiled Plans listed.
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RevJim1952 on January 18, 2016
How did you install the batterie?
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aviator08 on January 18, 2016
I put Velcro on the top of the power pod plate, cut a notch In the top of the front former so that the battery would slide in to the proper position. I used the battery position to give me the correct CG.
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Air-headed Aviator on November 19, 2015
WOW! Looks great! I'm surprised that that big nose is not blocking too much of the prop wash. Really cool looking model!
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Drogoth8227 on December 10, 2015
Hey dude awsome plane just wondering if you could upload the dxf or DWG files for it ?
Thanks Drogoth
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aviator08 on December 12, 2015
I tried to load the DWG file, but the site won't let me. email me at aviator08@live.com with your user name in the title, and I will send it to you.
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DrDiff952 on November 18, 2015
How about a Mistubishi Zero so I can relive my childhood watching black sheep squadron

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matjey on June 24, 2016
same as me.. these warbird does remind me of my childhood fav tv series.
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Iceman55x on November 29, 2015
Awesome!!! So cool that you were able to make is a swapable

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jtuttle11 on November 21, 2015
If memory serves, I've seen dark blue foamboard at the dollar store. I'll have to build one of these, I could always go with the white and paint the top blue. Looks like a really interesting build concept that could be adapted to engine cowls and nacelles. A swappable C-47???
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Huskersfan74@gmail.com on March 17, 2016
Thanks Aviator08. I attempted my first build without them and though it doesn't look pretty, i will see how it flys once built. I have a feeling i will be building more than one.
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Huskersfan74@gmail.com on March 11, 2016
Do you have the rounded fuselage plans in tiled format or does anyone know how to print them in tiled format
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aviator08 on March 16, 2016
I will get them added to the plans list.
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F4U CORSAIR - Build ( Updated )