FT Swappable - Connecting Electronics

by FliteTest | February 20, 2013 | (58 Ratings) Posted in How To

We've shown you how to build all sorts of aircraft but we've never really gone into details on the basic setup of connecting the electrics into your scratch built electric airplanes.

This specific overview is to help you with your Flite Test Speed Build Kits.

A list of the components used in this video are available here.

Be sure to read through the user manual of your specific radio and receiver because each one may have a different procedure.

As a safety tip, use tape in place of the propeller to avoid any accidents where the motor may turn on. To be sure you have the prop on correctly, a simple check would be to see that the motor should be turning counter-clock wise.

When you have the motor running in the correct direction, and it's time to install the prop, prop savers are a great way to offer some more safety and give you longer life out of your props. To be sure the prop is facing the correct direction, the numbers should be visible on the front.

Hopefully this was helpful for you!  Be sure to check out our forums as well as the following articles to find out more about any questions you may still have!

Click HERE for links to recommended ELECTRONICS AND COMPONENTS.


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808aerosquadron on February 20, 2013
These FT Swappable series of videos are excellent. Please keep up the good work.
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o0Jack0o on February 20, 2013
This is so cool for new comers! Would have saved me a bunch of headaches. UguyzRoK FT5*'
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Adib Vahedi on February 21, 2013
You guys did not out the soldering video!!!!!! But great video!

Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
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Jason Storey on February 21, 2013
Excellent info here, if only I watched this a day earlier, would have certainly saved me a trip to the hospital and 8 stitches in my hand from an out of control prop. Oh well live and learn they say. Thanks guys. Ps is there a section to upload photos of what damage can be caused if not done right? If so I can post some gory hand pics and hopefully save someone else from the same fate.
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stingray127 on February 22, 2013
Did you use a UBEC to power your receiver? If not, then what?
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stingray127 on February 22, 2013
or does the ESC do that be default?
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gloob72.59 on February 24, 2013
Hey guys. I was wondering if you could do a video just like this only with the electronics on the baby blender.
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Benn Gunn on February 25, 2013
Josh Bix ... i always learn something whenever i listen to you.... thanks
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ronnie.burchfield. on March 1, 2013
do you have to calibrate every esc when you put a new one on a plane ? i have never calibrated one before . so is it only that type of esc or do i need to do all esc like that. im new so i dont know
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cisco on March 3, 2013
I'm having problems with my spektrum dx6i. I need help with mixing I can't figure this out at all.
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snowthief2 on March 9, 2013
what type of charger do you use to charge the battery?
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BigMac46 on March 22, 2013
Josh, You are my new hero. I am just getting into RC, haven't gotten off the simulator yet, and just ordered my first plane - your swappable flyer kit a week ago. It came today and is in perfect condition. Thanks for such a secure packing job. Just starting on the build and I have to feel my way along since I don't know anyone around here who is into RC to help me but your videos are making the impossible a reality. Thanks so very much and keep up the good work!
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arqam on May 9, 2013
dear i want this kit where i get this
i want to buy this kit any shop or company address for that

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fear4fun on May 13, 2013
Can you link the plugs you used to connect ESC to Motor? Are they 4mm?
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anand249 on May 23, 2013
if wing span is 24'' then what will be its length
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Sharpd on December 3, 2014
What size bullet connectors are you using?
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tramsgar on February 20, 2013
Also remember that the cables on that 24 g motor may be quite stiff and fragile - don't bend them unnecessarily or you'll have to resolder the bullet connector.
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ztj133 on March 19, 2014
good job ,i like it.
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MetalAki on April 1, 2014
what about how to connecting the Hextronic 1200kv motor i believe so. its used on the FT 3D, and FT Cruiser . did you cut off the back motor shaft. i know you cant do the reversing, cause the prop mount is on the other side.
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jyoung2014 on May 7, 2014
Everything went perfectly until i pumped up the throttle. When i did so, the motor stopped running and now only runs briefly and immediately seizes to operate. WHAT DO I DO? p.s. i have the same motor as provided in the video
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DrTrey28 on July 11, 2014
Hey guys. I did everything in the video, but when I plug in the battery, there is a 3 beep little jingle. I assume its the power up notifier. But then, there should be 2 beeps, but mine just keeps beeping. Any one have any ideas?
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Nose Dive on October 27, 2014
Great video, very helpful. Except it did not work for me! My Spectrum 6100e receiver and Spectrum DX61 transmitter did not bind with each other.
Until......(1.) I held the binding switch (trainer-switch) and thén.... (2.) turned on the power of my DX6i tadaaaaaaa! IT WORKS!
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MetalAki on March 27, 2014
well what about how to connect the Hextronic 1200kv motor (the one you guys used on FT 3D, the cruiser... ). after I bought the motor from hobbyking, it didn't even have a prop mount and the X metal plate.
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Nose Dive on October 27, 2014
Read the fine print at the bottom with every item you buy from HobbyKing. It probably says that it doesn't come with a motor mount. It happened to me too when I ordered my motor. I later ordered a separate 'prop drive accessory pack' which contains the x mount, screws, a prop mount with washer and a spinner. All for just $2.-
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AABURKE1 on February 14, 2017
So I'm new to the hobby. I bought the FT Mighty Mini Trainer to get started. Im now stuck. I went with the Graupner MZ-10 Transmitter option. I'm not sure how to connect the ESC connection to the receiver and get all that going. The only instruction I see here is for the Spectrum. Any help is appreciated.
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