FT Versa Wing - Build

by FliteTest | August 7, 2013 | (65 Ratings) Posted in How To


Here's the full step by step video tutorial showing how to assemble your FT Versa Wing kit. This laser cut wing kit is also available as a scratch build with the free build plans available below.

On your speed build kit there is an extra fold that will need glued and taped. This is setup to allow for the wing to fit inside of our low rate shipping boxes. 

Reinforcing the inside of the wing with hot glue will give your wing long lasting strength.

When you fold your wing there will be an off-set, you will want to keep that width consistent along the entire side when glueing.

And that's one wing complete, this kit assembles in a very short time.

When glueing your other wing, be sure to match the spacing on the back of your wing. 

The wing is designed to allow for a very quick assembly and you can true up everything easily with sandpaper.

A few passes on 100 grit sandpaper is all it takes to get everything straight and fitting snuggly.

Check to see if everything lines up and you're ready to start glueing!

 Some hot glue to connect your wing halves and your wing is almost complete!

Our linkage stoppers work great for this wing. 

The FT Control Horns come with the speed build kit and can be purchased separately for those of you scratch building.

A zip-tie connected to a BBQ skewer to secure the back your power pod.

Click HERE to see the Power Pod Build video if you need to assemble your power pod.

Balance is very important with a wing and we've added a CG mark to the bottom of the wing to help you.

The battery, in combination with additional nose weight can be adjusted to keep the wing slightly nose heavy.

We hope you have fun building your FT Versa Wing!  Be sure to share your builds and mods!

FT Versa Wing Pusher / FPV Conversion tutorial available below:
This conversion is done with the FT Elements Simple Firewall.  


FREE Build Plans:
FT Versa Wing [ FULL SIZE ]
FT Versa Wing [ TILED ]


Recommended equipment:

FT Control Horns
FT Elements Simple Firewall
Power Pack C
Emax ES08A II Servo 
BLHeli Series 30amp ESC
Lumenier 2250 mAh 3s 35C Battery
Linkage Stoppers
Push Rods


ashtodust2000 on August 8, 2013
What is the kv of the motior?
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klaw on August 9, 2013
There are a number of recommended motors at the bottom of the article, along with the other recommended equipment.

On the PDF plans, the recommended motor is "29g 1300kV minimum." I believe they are using the Blue Wonder 24g motor, 9x4.7 prop and 1000mah battery in the video.
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jerimiah85 on August 11, 2013
With my go pro on mine I am still able to get away with a 1300kv bell type aerodrive with an 8043 sf prop and it flew amazing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxdyEKumk8U&feature=share&list=TL482BTgGtLfQ
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Tightknot on August 11, 2013
No way do I want to appear ungrateful for your sharing the plans for your designs, but, it would be nice to see some basic dimensions on your one sheet plan. Another alternative would be just mentioning the span, wing root, and wing tip dimensions and the sweep distance in your video or article.

The biggest plus for me on this flying wing is the idea of using two pieces for the wing rather than one folded over peace, and the use if a simple foam spar. A light and yet strong build.

Thank you again.
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Jacob Shore on July 12, 2015
I'm building a versa wing with the pusher conversion and its going to be loaded down with fpv gear. I'm wondering if anyone can help me find a beef equivalent motor but from hobby king. Any help would be great.

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shiloh_bursle on August 31, 2015
something like the turnigy d2826 2200kv on 3s should be fine
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Ben Presten on August 8, 2013
Floats common FLOATS make some floats you could put on any swappable.
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richardellis on August 8, 2013
Awesome! it is finally here, haha only couple days after introduction to this new design, but I was eager to wait for it to be released how to build and the plans out too.
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khattak on August 7, 2013
First build video in the headquarters
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klaw on August 7, 2013
This should work well as a slope-soaring wing, right? I'm totally going to give it a shot
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Da99er on August 7, 2013
Can't wait to see the pusher build video. I'm really glad to see you guys branching off from the power-pod setups. I've always liked your ideas and techniques for building with foamboard, but the power-pod aspect has never appealed to me.
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klaw on August 7, 2013
I agree. The power pod is a great concept - moving the expensive running gear between multiple airframes can save some cash. But in practice, the requirement for mulitple balance points, plugging and unplugging servos all the time - it's an annoying compromise that drives me nuts.

After 2 or 3 flights with the FT Spitfire, I hacked the front off my power pod and did a permanent installation. It's much stronger, much less fussing around between flights, and there's heaps of room inside to mount my electronics the way I want to.
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hotwax on August 8, 2013
Congratulations, great plane!

One minor issue in the download plans:
You give the drawing for the Simple Firewall, which is great, and the powerpod, but you forgot the firewall for the powerpod, which would be useful too..
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eagle4 on August 8, 2013
if you want the firewall just look at any of their other plans, you'll find it there. but agreed, it'd be handy if this is your first scratch build and you don't have a powerpod yet
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mipi on August 11, 2013
Could make a video about wiring the plane, what is the best way to extend cables and should you consider shielding.
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dgross07 on August 9, 2013
What type of foam is the kit made from?
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jerimiah85 on August 11, 2013
Adams Foamboard From dollar tree. or you can get something like it at wally world..
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Drezed on August 15, 2013
A quick note. I understand it would be difficult to edit this video, but it would be good to advise builders that before mounting the servos, make sure they are centered, as it is practically impossible to access the screws to rotate the servo arms once installed.
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josh Sackey on August 12, 2013
What is the best and cheapest radio system one would recommend for this aircraft
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klaw on August 15, 2013
Do you want the best, or the cheapest?
The cheapest is something like the HobbyKing 4ch for $25: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__8337__Hobby_King_2_4Ghz_4Ch_Tx_Rx_V2_Mode_1_.html
But if you want something that's affordable and represents good value, then you can't go past the Turnigy/FlySky/Eurgle 9X radio for around $70.
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jonatasoliveira on August 15, 2013
Do you know the minimum length of the foam board to build this plane?
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klaw on August 15, 2013
You can fit all of the components on a foam sheet 1000x740mm, with a few small waste areas for spare scrap. You could also build it from 2 smaller sheets 650x500mm, if you couldn't find larger foam sheets. Each wing-half is 486mm for a total wingspan of 972mm.
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danield on August 19, 2013
Question about minwax. I've had some edge separation just getting it out of box. Heard of using hot glue and minwax. Will the minwax affect the hot glue or should hot glue first.
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stonekap on August 20, 2013
Hot glue first. The Minwax won't hurt the hot glue.
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HighFlight2k2 on August 20, 2013
Hey Josh. Have you given any thought to a semi or fully symmetrical airfoil?
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tazzyflyer on August 23, 2013
Hey guys, these plans are awesome! I buildt my first FT Versa Wing tonight, great looking plane, keep the plans coming, great work
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Tedioso on August 23, 2013
What's the thickness of the foamboard? 3 or 5mm?
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stonekap on August 23, 2013
It's paper reinforced 5mm
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criznach on August 28, 2013
I already have a couple of turnigy 2826-6 2200kv motors and 6x4 apc props. Will this be too much for this plane? Anyone using similar?
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mhartman550 on August 30, 2013
it will make it fast!
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criznach on August 30, 2013
Yes I flew it today and it seems crazy powerful. I was mostly cruising around at 1/3 throttle. At higher levels it was tough to keep control but I'm somewhat of a beginner.

Anyone else having trouble with the CG on the plan? Mine would only nose dive with the stock CG, even with heavy up trim. It flew well about 3/4" back from the holes. Still doing some tuning...
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criznach on August 31, 2013
I take that back about the CG. It flew well today more like 1/4 inch back from stock. It could maybe go stock CG, but I didn't have enough counterweight material with me to balance out the big motor as a pusher. 1/4 inch back was as far as I could test. I added 36 grams to the nose. (two sharpie markers, 16 cents, and some tape. :) I'm using a 1600mah 25C battery, so I think a 2200 would balance the 2200kv motor almost perfectly, and give really long flight times well under 1/2 throttle.

Part of the problem was I couldn't tell what the elevon neutral position was supposed to be - relative to the top or bottom of the wing. Relative to the top of the wing made it fly (poorly) even though it was tail heavy. Where I ended up today was elevons almost parallel to the bottom of the wing. Next time my newbie eyes know what to watch for.
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scratchbuilder101 on December 11, 2013
With a flat-bottom wing, control surfaces should be inline with bottom of the wing...
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psguardian on September 1, 2013
Love this wing, Going to be building one shortly.

Could you guys edit the plans just a little bit though? Pages 8 & 16 have no alignment markers.
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diginica on September 2, 2013
I just got the speed build plans in the mail last week...built it on Friday and spent most of the Labor Day weekend trying to fly it (pusher version). No luck...it keeps nose diving...I've tried over and over to get it balanced just right thinking this might be the problem...nothing seems to help. Seems to nose dive even faster when I throttle up. I'm using the Blue wonder and 8in props. 2200mah battery and lead weights. The only other thing I can think of is that the Pusher conversion might not be level with the bottom of the wing and is actually thrusting a bit up, therefore sending the plane down?!?!
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stonekap on September 3, 2013
Make sure your prop is on the right direction. The numbers go forward.
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diginica on September 4, 2013
yes I made sure of that. However, I am using an 8in prop from my tricopter...not sure if that would make a difference?
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criznach on September 4, 2013
My first one was doing that too. It was so bad that I smashed the nose after a few tries and built a new one later that same day. Here's what I did...

Try starting with your CG back 6-10 mm from the stock location. Also set the neutral position on the elevons relative to the flat bottom of the wing - not the top of the wing. I'm not sure this is the "normal" way, but that's what I found. That's where mine became flyable. Then, if you see any pitch (up/down) instability, move the CG forward incrementally, which should allow you to dial down the elevon neutral position.
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Hell2Go on October 15, 2013
rewatch the assembly video and see how josh sets the alerons in an up-flap configuration. thats what it looked like to me
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Mack_In_Denver on September 3, 2013
This is a great design! I'm sharing this information in the hopes that others find it useful. I've read a couple of posts here that reflect my recent experience - nose diving. Here's my configuration and what I did to solve the problem. YMMV

Motor = http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__28115__D2830_11_1000kv_Brushless_Motor_USA_Warehouse_.html
Prop = APC 9 X 7.5 (a 9 X 6 or even a 9 X 4.7 should work fine, too)
Battery = Turnigy 2200mah 25C
ESC = Red Brick 30A

I initially had an 8 X 4.3 prop in the pusher configuration thinking a little prop spinning fast would be okay. It seemed under powered given my 1000KV motor wasn't the recommended size or KV. My first take off attempt flew about 5 feet and then nosed into the ground. I changed props and that made all the difference in the world. It now has more than enough power from a $10 motor and I can fly 10+ minutes at about 1/2 throttle. Make sure the prop is on correctly (numbers facing forward) and the motor is turning the right direction (lots of air being pushed out the back).

I found that Josh's 12 degree elevon deflection recommendation didn't work for my configuration. I increased mine to about 25 degrees with 50% exponential - single rates. I put about an ounce of nose weight (sticky backed wheel weights from Harbor Freight) and placed the battery as far forward as I could (perpendicular to the center line of the wing). It balances perfectly, but inverted flight and stalls show it to be a tad nose heavy. I suggest moving the CG aft about 1/4" - 3/8".

I'm finding (with wings) the take off is less about throwing it and more about letting it fly out of your hand. I've had a couple of scary (inverted) take offs when I threw it into the air. You should be able to give it full throttle and have to physically resist it from flying away from you. If it won't, try the largest prop your motor will take with the biggest bite (second number in the prop size). My technique for pushers, right or wrong, is to grab the leading edge of the left wing tip with my right hand - palm facing backwards. Set the right wing tip on the ground to my right and slight behind me. Apply full throttle until the right wing tip starts coming up level with the left. Rotate your arm up which naturally moves the nose up about 20 degrees and let it fly out of your hand. It should be one continuous, graceful motion. :)

I hope this is helpful. My buddies and I do streamer combat with the FT Flyer right now. We're looking to upgrade our speed (and potential for all-out mayhem) so the Versa Wing seems like the next logical step. Keep up the great work FliteTest. We appreciate it!
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criznach on September 4, 2013
Hey Mack, I'm in Fort Collins. We should meet up and fly!
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Mack_In_Denver on September 4, 2013
Criz, mackindenver at gmail dot com

We fly almost every weekend.
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torqu21 on September 18, 2013
I'm from ft Collins as well you I've been looking for some people to fly with and give advice I'm just starting out
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criznach on September 18, 2013
at gee mail dot com :D
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Dakota_Kid on September 7, 2013
Just completed my first versa wing. Everything went well, I did the tractor version.
Finished it at 18.5 oz. I put light packing tape over the whole structure to keep moisture from getting at the paper adhesive.

Wonder what everyone else is ending up with weight and similar power.

I am thinking the power might be a little light.

Motor is Tower Pro 2809-12 1400kv with a 7x4 prop and 1300ma 3s battery.
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criznach on September 8, 2013
I'll bet you'll be fine. Mine feels over powered with a 2200kv and a 6x4. I fly it mostly under 1/2 throttle.
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wga22 on September 14, 2013
my working configuration (pusher, perhaps overpowered):
-2200mah turnigy
-8X4e prop
-25-30a esc (HK) SS series
-d2826 turnigy

I used a gutter downspout bracket folded into triangle as the motor mount (AL) in pusher, and put all items on top of wing for grass landings.
Also used rubber band (2) to hold the battery to the tip with coat hanger wire like paper clip as mount.
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Tedioso on September 9, 2013
What did you use for the push-rods? :)
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criznach on September 11, 2013
I used du-bro pushrods with a clevis at the end. You could use just a piece of stiff wire with a z-bend at each end, but then it's hard to trim your control surfaces.
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RigoArevalo on September 11, 2013
I see that there is a yellow wing with a shiny surface. What is the covering used on that wing?

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flight monkey on September 13, 2013
Does anyone know how much it weighs with servos and no electronics? Or even a completed weight? Just to have an idea.i like running high kv motors for 2 cell set up.cause I preffer light planes, they dont get smashed nearly as bad on crashes. Thanks.
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Neilyboy on September 16, 2013
Thanks again FT! I got mine built last night. Now just need to get my radio all setup and get it in the air. It survived the twins beating on it. [IMG]http://neilyboy.mtco.com/pics/ftwingboys.jpg[/IMG]

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Paulshort on August 11, 2013
would it work as a dlg?
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colflame on September 19, 2013
Probably not, just because its a bit too bulky to be able to get that high. Slope soaring on the other hand...... :D
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msmith0807 on September 18, 2013
On the pusher conversion I would love to know the recommended location for the receiver? Where are people putting it? What is recommended by the Flite Test boys? I may have missed it in the conversion video, but I don't think it was mentioned.

I am also in the processes of building my wing and thinking about using the Rimfire .10 motor. Does anyone have any idea if this will be enough? I would love it to be as fast as Josh's speed challenge version. http://www.electrifly.com/motors/gpmg4505.html
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criznach on September 18, 2013
I put the receiver right inside the opening on the bottom of the wing. ESC is mounted on top with a zip tie, as far forward as the wires allow. I cut a small opening just big enough for my battery connector to fit just ahead of the spar. Battery (1600) sits as far forward as possible.
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viperos on September 30, 2013
Absolutelly superb design. Flying like a charm. My first home made plane and what a success. Really great job guys. Thank you.
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Topviewpics on October 1, 2013
Can I run this Wing with a 1950KV + 30A ESC + 1000MAH 3S + 6x4 Prop?
Is the Prop too little to pull it?

Also, any tips for a maiden flight on this one? I have no experience with wings so far.
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Cathay Stray on October 3, 2013
Great wing.
Living in China I don't really desperately have to make planes myself ;) but there's some fun in building, too.
Versa flies really well even on a weak setup.
I started a thread at rcg (http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2004694) with some tech information.
One thing to mention on a negative side: Versa was designed to carry a GoPro, or a deadweight equal to GP. However GP is not the only option for an onboard HD video device; and after Mobius came to play I believe within a year we will see more and more options - lighter, less boxy and producing equally good if not better video. But as Versa was made for GP, we have to drag this useless weight of 110 g...
Otherwise, a great and funny plane. Thanks Josh!

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jaxterblax on October 3, 2013
Building my third FT Versa Wing. This time I am stretching the wing 5" on each side for a total wing span of 48". This makes it easier for battery placement (larger cavity to stuff the battery). I'll post some pictures when I am done and let you know how it flys.

Great plan,
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Hell2Go on October 15, 2013
If you want a cleaner look on top, insteat of taping the coffee stirrers, wrap a small zip tie around each end, cut extra zip tie length off 1/8in longer than distance to foam, poke zip tie into foam, pull out add drop of hot glue and reinsert so that coffee stirrer and control rod are straight. looks sweet!
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m&m on October 28, 2013
I agree that the taped coffee stirrers don't look so hot. What is the purpose of the coffee stirrers? Is there a problem with just running a bare pushrod from the servo to the control horn on the elevons?
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SteveRobey on July 25, 2017
As was mentioned in the video, the addition of the coffee stirrer is to serve as a guide tube for the push-rod to prevent it from flexing in cases where there is a lot of positive tension like in sharp maneuvers. What I'm wondering is if you could make a small gusset that matches the angle between that guide tube and the surface of the wing since that would be essentially the same as what the tape is doing but would look less like garbage.
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danallen82 on October 28, 2013
Has anyone attempted making a dual prop Versa? Like the Kraken.
I'm a multi-rotor flyer and I wanted to try a flying wing for FPV. However I really want (need) to have a rudder. So I was thinking about making a custom Versa Wing with 2x power-pods. Possibly with small motors like the blue wonder.
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nickhall55 on November 10, 2013
You've converted me! Went out and bought some foam board and a hot glue gun. Printed out plan and built in no time. Feels very solid,hopefully fitting electronics tonight but looking at the weather forcast here, Im in no rush. Need to emigrate some where warm!
Great job FT Team as always.
Nick.(new foam board builder)
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djdazzy on November 12, 2013
How do you build this wing with depron because it hasn't got a paper coating. Do you tape the outside of the scored lines before folding?
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DArkmatter4693 on November 20, 2013
Can you release the designs for the kraken or can you make a build video because I would really like to build one
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scratchbuilder101 on January 11, 2014
I got some water on mine after midnight, and like a gremlin, it mutated into a Frankenstein!!!! It's the grand dad to the Kraken, with a 96" wing span, and twin Turnigys, It's a beast!!!
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Floridanative on January 13, 2014
Built the FT Versa from plans. Flew it so much that it finally folded in half pulling out of a dive. Going to build another soon. Really attracts attention. A real screamer!
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SteveRobey on July 25, 2017
Is there anything you can think of that could be used to reinforce the wing along the center line? I was thinking maybe a length of arrow shaft but putting the two halves together might get tricky.
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Hookdriver on January 15, 2014
This design is my go to. It has been through everything I can throw at it. If you follow the instructions it will be one of the easiest builds of your life.....and it will hold up a bridge. Fast and strong would be a good descriptor. Forgiving would be another. Really a great design.
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chippo on March 5, 2014
I had a go at building this and it was very easy. Top marks to FT for this design.
I was how ever thinking of making the spars a little thicker or even adding another strip of foam board along the top of the spar. This will make the wing a bit thicker and allow more room for the battery. Does anyone know what kind of changes in flight this will cause? I am not to fussed about "top speed".
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tramsgar on August 8, 2013
Thanks for yet another great plan/build video combo!
(And remember to remove the prop while on the bench =)
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Liam043774 on March 6, 2014
They should build one with a bigger wing span so it can haul more fpv gear and be more efficient. Maybe around 60 inches?
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zhoter on March 10, 2014
Any idea what will happen if I increase the airfoil to 150 % or 200%?
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sailorJohn on March 14, 2014
Summer's coming so I thought I'd build my first wing without plans--- oops! And doesn't Josh make cutting angles free hand easy well back to my cutters.
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oldflyer on March 19, 2014
When reviewing the previous comments, I noticed that someone had asked about a Versa with a semi symmetrical or symmetrical airfoil. I have scratch built and have been flying a symmetrical airfoil Versa for about a month. I wanted a wing that would be aerobatic and smaller than my modified Zaigi. I used the basic Versa design. To create the symmetrical airfoil I followed the wing build for the FT3D. You need to score the bottom panel identical to the top panel and follow Josh's instructions in the FT3D video. To join the left and right wing segments I used a delta shaped joiner made of laminated 3/8" balsa and a piece of foam board. The joiner is 12 " long( 6" for each wing segment). The balsa provides the strength and the foam board adds to the thickness of the airfoil. Insert the joiner with the leading edge of the joiner between the leading edge of the spars.

For the motor mount I used the "essentials" firewall available from the Flite Test store and followed the instructions in the build video. I mounted the Rx and ESC on top of the wing and cut out the battery compartment as far forward as possible -from the leading edge towards the motor mount. I had to add 2 oz of lead to the front of the wing to get the proper balance and this does not inhibit the performance of the wing. I am using a 200 watt motor with a 6x4 prop and a 3 cell 2200mah battery. I added a small keel to the bottom to aid in launching. The result is a very fast, aerobatic plane!! Also, be sure to follow Josh's tip to strengthen the pushrods--the use of a bamboo skewer. The only problem that I have had is the over flexing of the pushrods which causes the aileron to fold over the wing--which results in a tight spin and the skewer has corrected the problem . The Versa is a great design!! Thanks Flite Test for the plans and design!!
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FeuerHerr on March 19, 2014
I just about half way through cutting the foam. And I'm already having lots of fun and enjoying this build. Thanks so much for this awesome Plans and the great work you do helping beginners like me.
One recommendation: to help beginners from overseas It would be great if you could get more details to motors and servos since the ones you recommend aren't available in the EU warehouse.
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ccupp2 on April 15, 2014
Well, for the longest time, the FT-22 was my absolute favorite plane to fly, That was until I tried the Versa Wing. I absolutely love the Versa Wing. I have the Blue Wonder installed in the traditional powerpod with an 8X6 direct drive prop. It does very well with this setup.

I'm now building my SECOND FT Versa Wing. It'll have a Turnigy 2826 6 2200kv motor with a 6X4 APC style prop. This should result in about 1KG of thrust. I was originally going to install this new motor in a pusher configuration. However, I found that I'd have to put so much extra weight on the plane, I questioned how much extra performance I'd actually get from the plane. If you're thinking about doing a pusher conversion, watch the FT video close.....they end up having to install a 3000mah battery and a GoPro to balance it out!! In my particular case, I had found that I might be able to balance my setup by using a 3300mah battery installed at the very front of the plane. In the end, I went back to a modified approach. My motor will balance out if I install the speed controller right behind the motor and then pit my 1800mah battery behind the speed controller.....with the battery AND speed controller going INSIDE of the powerpod. This build will also include some LED lights inside the wing. I'm hoping I can have this ready fro night flying at Joe Nall!
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rudolphschar on May 5, 2014
What prop would you guys recommend? I use a 1100kv motor with a 40amp ESC. 8x6 or 8x3 prop? I am quite inexperienced.
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rudolphschar on May 5, 2014
I have to say, the build was so much fun! This was my first scratchbuild and I am extremely proud of how neat it came out. I just need to fly. Oh, I plan to use a 2200mah battery.
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cbarnes0061 on June 10, 2014
Took mine out this past Sunday switching out to a 8x6 prop on the 160kv motor I have on it. On a diving downwind pass we clocked it doing 76mph. Second pass was 75mph.
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Damig on July 15, 2014
Great.... Next Scratchbuild for me and I ordered the Spitfire precut!! w00t.

Question: With full size plans, how large do I make them to print out on blueprint size paper printer?

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ftwingnut on August 23, 2014
I won the speed build kit of the versa wing at FliteFest, which was cool because it was the next FT model on my list to build. It went together easy, and I opted for the tractor version with the swappable power pod, since my other planes were swappables. Glide tests before the maiden allowed me to adjust throws and trims before committing. Once it was adjusted, I throttled up to about 60% power and tossed it into the air. It immediately pitched up violently and as I powered back slightly and attempted to coax it to stabilize, I climbed to gain altitude for safety. It continued to overreact to every input I gave it. Trims were constantly changing from wanting to pitch up, then wanting to pitch down, to wanting to roll left, then wanting to roll right. I did everything I could to stabilize it, but it wasn't going to happen. It finally ended up augering into the ground, power off, but still at a high rate of speed. It didn't survive the impact.

I did a post-mortem investigation into why I would have this kind of experience when everyone else raves about the handling of this wing. I discovered that I made a mistake when mounting the 2200mAH battery. It wouldn't fit in the power pod, and I didn't want it hanging under the pod hitting the ground on a skid landing, so I velcroed to the top of the wing behind the spar. Even though it balanced statically, I think the fact that the battery was so high over the CG, that it made the model top-heavy. As soon as the plane tipped away from level, the weight of the battery caused the balance to shift toward the low part of the plane. This would explain why my trim appeared to constantly be changing.

I'm going to build a new one, but I am looking for input on where others are mounting their batteries on tractor-style wings. Can I cut a hatch on the top and mount it down in the wing? Should I mount it under the wing, next to the power pod? Share your battery locations please.

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DrTrey28 on August 27, 2014
Hey Flitetest. Do you guys know when the electronic pack will be back in stock? Or if there's another company with it?
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awesomedirt5 on August 29, 2014
Could I mount the power pod facing backwards and use a pusher prop instead of having to buy new electronics when I build another plane?
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109jb on September 4, 2014
Just getting back into RC with my son after many years away from the hobby. We have been flying a couple RTF sport planes (multiplex sky scooter pro II and a space scooter) to get my son started. Those are great airplanes for what they were designed for, but we wanted to get into building too. I found this site while looking for simple build electric airplane plans and decided to give the foam board building a try starting with a versa wing. What a great flying airplane!!! It was an easy build for me having built many balsa scratch builds years ago (circa 1980's), and my son will be building his own versa and a duster very very soon. I built mine as a pusher with a simple fuselage to house the radio and esc. I covered the whole thing with packaging tape which added a bit too much weight for my taste with a 1550 Kv 100 watt motor, but the performance is still very good. Just have to manage the energy a bit for my flying. It has plenty for my son right now though. I am already planning another that will be lighter and have about 200 watts for me. I may also modify the design a little to have a semi-symmetric airfoil for better inverted performance. I flew nitro pattern ships back in the day and can't remember having this much fun back then. There was a lot of money tied up in flying back then and it was always in the back of my head which made flying a little nervous. These foam board designs are inexpensive so the feat of a crash isn't so great. Thanks for the great designs, and more than that, the inspiration.
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TimT on September 30, 2014
Hi, this is my first scratch build and I thought I'd make it a pusher rather than using the swappable power pod. Just wondering if you think a hexTronik DT900 would work for the motor (a friend offered me a spare one). If so, what would you recommend for an ESC and battery. Given the balance issues, I wondered about a 30amp ESC and a 3000mAh LiPo. Thoughts?
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Nick199 on December 30, 2014
What's the benefit of doing the blunt nose conversion. I'm building one now and can't decided if I want to convert it or not. Thanks
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david.huddleston.37 on December 15, 2014
Can anyone tell me how far back from the front point of the wing the cg is I built mine from plans so I don't have the cg marks
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Buz on January 2, 2015
It is marked on the wing templates as just a small round circle. There is a mark on each panel. I built this and the mark is dead on spot.
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Buz on January 2, 2015
I built mine from the posted plans and it is one great flying wing. Printed out the plans yesterday, built the airframe and covered it with packing tape. Made the first flight this afternoon. It is the pusher and it is so stable and has a very wide speed envelope. I have built several flying wings over the past few years and I have to say this is the best design.
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GerengG on January 9, 2015
Can I use one of these motors? Also which one would be better?
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danallen82 on September 12, 2014
Josh, do you have the original DXF or vector file of the plans? I'd like to use my laser cutter, and it would be ideal to already have the electronic plans available. Along with the blunt nose mod. Thanks! - See more at: http://flitetest.com/articles/ft-versa-wing-build#sthash.v0xJqYgH.dpuf
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seankb on March 6, 2015
Hello, I joined the party a bit late, but you can make vector files from those pdf files with a slight bit of fiddling. There are many online conversion sites available that do this for free (just upload PDF, select conversion options, then download output). The problem I've had is sometimes you have to fiddle with the settings to obtain acceptable results from the conversion.

You can also use an open source command called "pdf2svg" - this converts pdf files to svg files, suitable for direct import into QCAD. The pdf2svg tool is also available for (32-bit) Windows.

I'd rather convert the files and from there it is VERY SIMPLE to dimension and even scale the plans to suit.
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seankb on March 15, 2015
I just took my newly-built Versa out for a maiden. After setting the throws as suggested in the video, I had no need for trimming! I bought the "beef" package and it had PLENTY of power. I'll be adding my new FPV camera tonight. I'm building at least two more of these and would highly recommend to anyone that wants something fun and inexpensive to bang around the sky!!! My only regret is not finding this site sooner than I did. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!
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Ano Pilot on March 29, 2015
Technical question... IF all flying wings require a slight built in Up-Elevator (the HK Bonsai and TekSumo do also) then does one need to use Aileron DIFFERENTIAL in order to get a good axial roll?? I think yes. Aileron movement needs to favour DOWN.
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ajcorbin on July 15, 2015
I know nothing about rc planes. I just purchased the electronics for the ft versa blunt, after letting the rc transmitter sit in my closet for 2 months. I cant wait to get the electromics in to start the build.
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Fabricio on July 18, 2015
I'm starting the hobby with the versa with blunt nose. I'm thinking about the following set up (what do you think):
APC 9x6 props
3S 2200 mAh 25c
Emax XA2212 1400KV Brushless Motor CW + Simonk 20A ESC
2x TowerPro MicroServo 9g SG90

..thinking about flying this with APM later for following targetpoints.


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Mybad on July 31, 2015

Just maidened mine in 20-25 mph winds. Never flew a wing before and never flew in such wind before. Set it up as a pusher. Had to set rates to 50 and expo to 50 but I got her flying reasonably well.

After a very very gentle landing, the motor mount ripped right out, taking the foam with it!!! I couldn't believe it. On further inspection, I noticed that the foam ripped out rather neatly.

I followed the instructions in the video, using my knife to remove the paper before gluing in the motor mount. Guess I scored the lines a little too deep, because that rectangle of foam was still securely glued to the mount, but no longer to the paper! So, if you plan on building a pusher, I suggest you be very careful when removing the paper with your knife!
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dkruger` on October 1, 2015
When taping down the control rods, will the tape stick to a Mimwaxed wing, or should the rods be taped first and can mimwax be applied over the tape? What is best?
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Rebnord on October 23, 2015
My Versa Wing...
Soon it will maiden :)


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morag on February 21, 2016
Hello everyone,

I just started to get into the RC airplans , and I want to build FT versa wing with Blunt nose conversion (no FPV)

Can someone please recommend for a setup??

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morag on February 21, 2016
I already have 2200MAP 3S battery
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mikeing on May 27, 2016
I ordered your kit, printed the plans to make templates ( in case I need spare parts) I want to use this for a trainer for a future build, Kraken. the plans say 2 9 gram servos, what about the throttle ?
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mmiller1 on July 8, 2016
Just finishing up the Versa pusher. Have enjoyed reading all the various electronic configs. with this plane. I have a 2200Kv motor with a 30A ESC and will move the CG back about 1/4" and see how this will balance with an 1800mAh 3S. I will check out the amp. draw with the wattmeter and make sure it is within limits with ESC. Starting with a 6x4 prop, but may switch to a 7x5. Some guys mentioned they used a 9" prop. They must have cut some of the elevon back to accommodate.
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P3Permaculture.ca on August 8, 2016
Can i use a hextronic dt 700kv? I have them sitting around and would like to build everything universal so i can swap between my multirotoe and fixed wings. What modifications could i do to the wing (ie longer span) to make it support this motor? Any help would be goldn. Im also using 2200 mah batteries so it would be heavier. Im looking to make a slow and stable platform for aerial mapping and agriculture. Im about to complete my purchases so please let me know asap.

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Robbutler1977 on August 19, 2016
Has anyone experienced flat spin with this or the other wing builds? I first made the fpv platform wing and it worked great exept the cg was off so I had to put 2x 2200may batteries up front. And I didn't make it very durable. So I wanted to make the regular one and it flew but it went into a flat spin and crashed hard in less than a minute. So I made the mini with the swapable old and used a different rx and it did the same thing. Well the mini never did really fly like the other 2. The first one was great but 2 big and bulky. Second one was ok but almost landed on a car and could have hurt someone. If anyone has had this problem or knows what I did wrong. Please let me know. I would love to build more. Thanks.

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Hank Stroisch on October 31, 2016
I've built 4 wings now, (2 FT Versa, 1 Blunt Nose, and a FT Spear) all pusher configuration. I must say I love Delta Wings!! I use a 2200Kv motor, plush 30 ESC, spinning a 7x5 prop. It puts out a decent 70+ mph with ease. I am running an 8X6 but it is killing the motor (I must admit) but the speed is there. Thank you Flite Test crew. Keep up the great plans.
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fennz@me.com on February 7, 2017
The FT Versa is my first build. Great little wing.
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Pacotron on March 4, 2017
I would like to know where is the CG of the FT Versa.
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