Derrick's FT Versa wing build

by Derrick | January 20, 2014 | (4) Posted in Projects

This build started out quite bad!,  I decided to apply the ‘wing’ tape to the foam board  before any folding was done, as I thought, quite rightly, that it would be easier. The problem was I actually put the wing tape on the wrong side of the first wing I cut out! So I then reversed this wing, so it became the right wing, rather than the left, by re cutting the 50 percent score cuts on the other side. I then did the same on the second wing, transferring the cut score cut lines to the other side of the board.  Given that, I was quite surprised how well the build proceeded.

The batteries I will be using are Turnigy 2200 3s 25s, and I found these protruded beyond the bottom of the wing, so I made up a small nose cone from 2 layers of foam board and actually used this to install some lead weights to give the plane the correct CoG.  So that worked out rather well.  The second mod was a small cover for the Rx, which is a Hobby King 6 channel unit that matches my Turnigy 9XR TX, but the connections come out of the top of this Rx and were slightly exposed, hence the cover, which is again two layers of foam board at the start, then a single layer tapered to the back and hinged so I can access the Rx if required. This also provides a small purchase point for launching. Bonus.

I am really looking forward to flying this, just as soon as the winds drop here in New Zealand.  Talk about a windy summer!  


Versa Wing build


Derrick on February 10, 2014
Thank you. I did upload an MS Word file but wasn't sure how to add this in. I have looked again and added the text at the beginning of the article and that does look better. As for flight video, something that as a group we haven't tried, yet. We certainly need to though so I will give it some thought.
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PaladinDG on February 10, 2014
It looks good, but it would have been nice if you included some commentary.... perhaps some explanation of your mods and why you choose to go this route. I would love to see some flight video...ENJOY!!
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wga22 on February 11, 2014
I have used. A fuselage to move battery weight of the 2200mah forward, but in my next build I might make the nose of the wing go forward more. A protrusion from the current shape. It goes against my nature to add weight.
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Where are the build plans?
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Man it took some real detective work to finally figure out where these plans are hidden. All the links in all the articles and videos are wrong, or just loop to themselves. I finally found it in the FT Store

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I am from holland
greet site planes i love it
But ware can i find the planes for the FT versa wing

Thank you verry
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Derrick's FT Versa wing build