Blunt Nose Conversion (FT Versa) - BUILD

by FliteTest | April 16, 2014 | (31) Posted in How To


The conversion build is featured within this Let's Fly episode of the video. The video above should start to play near the build portion of the video. (Build starts at 12:04)

This conversion kit is available as a speed build kit in our Online Store and also available with free plans to build yourself.  The link for that is available below.

This conversion kit is designed for our FT Versa Wing Speed Build Kit.

We can't thank the community enough for the continued inspiration and support. This project wouldn't exist without you guys, and neither would the show! You are all amazing!





MT Alex on April 16, 2014
I'm experiencing some deja vu.
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rorak on April 16, 2014
Yeah, me too. its ok. Im building one of these at the moment, been working on it for a couple weeks. Started building a Versa and wanted to do a blunt nose, then this vid came out the first time, kind of like they were answering a question i never asked only thought about.
Thanks Flite Test
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Jacob Shore on July 12, 2015
I'm building a blunt nose versa wing with the pusher conversion and its going to be loaded down with fpv gear. I'm wondering if anyone can help me find a beef equivalent motor but from hobby king. Any help would be great
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macfurax on April 19, 2014
Hi, once again great job.

Could you provide the plans as a single sheet PDF, for us in europe easily print it on A4 paper format.

Cheers and may the fun be with you,


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HilldaFlyer on November 8, 2014
Did you get you non-tiled pdf? If not, let me know. I just created one that I can send or post in the forums. Let me know.
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mwalker56 on November 30, 2014
Hi, i'd love to have a copy of the untiled plans if possible?
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HilldaFlyer on November 30, 2014
I can't see away post the pdf here - so email and i'll send.
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lancaster on April 30, 2014
Artshop foam board is much too heavy. Hobbycraft foam is ok but still gives weight behind the CG needing a tractor configuration for best flight performance.
6mm depron is the best option in the UK - its probably lighter than dollar tree and gives good flight performance for very little cost
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shadeyB on May 6, 2014
3 for 2 in Hobby craft ?? not here in Falkirk LOL £10 x 3 A1 ..... must be increase in sales ..... ! :) thanks to the "FliteTest" Team
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mrscale on April 16, 2014
Do the BD-5 prop or jet version ,I am ready for the James Bond along with the music ,maybe put a speaker with the music ,Interested . or a set of ear phones to get you in the grove

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aldalo on April 16, 2014
I have two motors , waiting for the Kracken ! (Blunt Nose Kracken ?)
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nickhall55 on April 20, 2014
Well I built my cool versa wing with the blunt nose. I didn't use dollar tree foam as I live in the uk, I bought some foam board from a local art shop. To cut a long story short im sure my foam board must weigh an awful lot more than dollar tree because with a dt750 motor mounted as a pusher and a large 3900 3s battery, I would need around 6 oz of lead in the nose to balance the c of g. Im so disappointed that Im not going to finish the model as the all up weight is going to have massive effect to the flight envelope and that's not what I wanted. Shame.
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1959cutter on April 21, 2014
try a tractor config(motor in front)it will increase nose weight.
it worked great for me.
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Hugh Cherkas on April 24, 2014
Have you tried the foam board from Hobbycraft? I'm also from the UK and consistently use hobbycraft foamboard for flitetest designs along with a friend of mine and we haven't come across issues like that. I would imagine that its also a fair bit cheaper than an art shop... although I have nothing to compare to. It usually works out at £8 for 3 A1 sheets because its always on 3 for 2.
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Phil_uk on August 25, 2014
Hi, I bought some Depron from Kudos on Ebay, £17.50 for 7 sheets of 6mm. I've yet to do the Versa build but the sheets do feel light enough. Don't know how the stuff compares to Hobbycrafts material.
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AidanOrton on July 3, 2014
I bought some of this

Yet to have chance to build though.
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PaladinDG on April 16, 2014
I like seeing you guys fly, but I found that portion a bit long. I skip'd ahead to the build portion after about the first 5 minutes. Thanks for the great content... keep up the great work!
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linz27 on April 29, 2015
Getting back to foam board, What is the size and thickness and weight oif the Adams Foam board? Here in New Zealand we can get 40 x 32 x 3/16 inch ( 1015 x 812 x 4.7mm) fb from The Warehouse Stationary that weighs 500 grams. Just interested to compare.
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leogaldino on August 6, 2014
hi everybody!
My name is Leonardo, i live in Brazil, and i´m too new in Rc.
I have a litle experience in carbon fiber molding and i intent to build the v wing with this material.
I will need the projec with the wings sections and other details to do it.
Does anyone has the project in CAD or other program like it?
which motor and propeller should i use?
I will really appreciate the help.
I promisse to post every step of building process here.
Thank´s a lot!
Leonardo (
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multig23 on October 3, 2014
whats the wing span with this?
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Fety on November 11, 2014
Versa Wing is 38 inches, this section adds a tad over 8 inches.
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Injns on May 28, 2014
I have the blunt nose with a 400 motor and 6 x 5.5 prop and 2 oz wt in nose with a 2200 3 cell and I have to put a lot of up trim in the elevators and it is very hard to fly it wants to go up and down and is very touchy
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biplane on October 17, 2018
same here
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Huggs on May 28, 2014
The conversion plans are only available in a tiled version. I'm blessed to have access to a large format printer so I like to print them on a single sheet. Photoshop made short work of combining the pages into a single PDF document in case anyone else is interested...

Best regards,
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tigert10 on May 30, 2014
I would love to have the photoshop file you made...could you post it somewhere for download? Thanks...
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Ktotheg on November 6, 2015
I would appreciate a copy of the plans for the blunt nose and the versa. Thank you very much!!!
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flysalot on August 20, 2014
Try some expandable foam in the can in the nose and leading edge of the wing really adds a lot of strength and very little weight. Did this to mine and works well.
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mc472 on August 24, 2014
expandable foam?
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Audacity on November 16, 2014
I did this as well, I was quite pleased with the result! I used a brand of sprayable insulation foam called "Great Stuff".
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fighterpilot777 on July 6, 2014
Don't know why but it wouldn't fly no matter what I tried. I love the regular versa but have given up on this one. Tried adjusting weight and thrust angle and nothing changed.
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Injns on May 28, 2014
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RevJim1952 on June 27, 2014
Anybody have an idea of where to locate a hook,to catapult launch?
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treadwm on December 3, 2014
This was fun to build. I flew it w/o motor as a slope soarer and had a blast.

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rbartlett on January 20, 2015
What motor and prop did you use on this blunt nose version? Thank you
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Wretch on April 11, 2015
How do you calculate the CG of a blunt nose wing? I found several online calculators for conventional wings but non for a blunt nose version.
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Thinc on April 2, 2015
Super plans buth where is GC

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lancaster on February 26, 2015
nice flying
your versa wing is well trimmed
it looks like the lift is light but solid off the lake
what was wind speed?
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serv@ on March 29, 2015
Hii guys i need help aboute blunt nose versa GC ????
please help me, where is blunt nose GC ??

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danysoft32 on September 20, 2015
look closely at the video, they say where
sau uita-te mai jos

I hope I helped you
good luck


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Qwazwak on November 6, 2016
Can you use this with a motor in the front/with the swappable motor thing?
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jgru on April 15, 2016
Hey guys. took my versa out for its maiden and on launch it kept nose diving. any ideas?

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Mostly Harmless on April 28, 2016
When adjusting the elevons for the neutral position, there should be a bit of "up" when setting the linkage stoppers. I originally set my so they were level with the bottom of the wing, and faced the same sort of nose-diving on launch (most times I was quick enough to recover). I had to fly with a decent amount of up input to keep level flight until I trimmed it.

Once I had it trimmed out for level flight, I landed it and noted the amount of angle for the elevons. I then returned the transmitter trims to center, and re-adjusted the linkage stoppers to match the angle I noted earlier.

The amount of elevon up deflection for level flight (for my aircraft) was maybe 5-10 degrees (relative to the bottom of the wing).
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rullywow on September 20, 2016
This is great! Any chance we could get the drawing for the battery/camera holder so we can make one ourselves?
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Plane Stupid RC on November 4, 2016
You want the ft spear for that one!
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Blunt Nose Conversion (FT Versa) - BUILD