FX79 - Build, Tune, Fly

by FliteTest | April 16, 2014 | (16) Posted in Reviews

 You may recognize this beauty from our most recent Let's Fly! Episode. Today we Build, Tune, and Fly the FX79. 

The manual was very well done with all the specs right on the front cover. 

The CG measurements were very clearly labeled which was beyond nice. 

In the ARF version we built the carbon fiber spar and the servos we pre-installed. 

If you do need to manually center up your servos for any reason, don't be afraid to pierce the foam to get to it. It can take it. 

One really cool tip in the instructions is to add a small piece of fuel tubing (not included) to keep the clamps on the push rods from opening.

There is plenty of space in the fuselage for all your toys. 

The mounting plate was also an impressive size, pre-slotted for velcro straps.

We would recommend gluing the fins on before you try to mount the wings. It makes the process a little easier. 

The wings attach through the carbon fiber rods that slip inside each other. There is a small tension clap and one screw on the wooden plate which was also pre-installed. 

There are several methods for mounting your FPV gear, the one above is with the plate included with the kit. The only problem was the recommended markings for the plate were pretty far back and the majority of the bottom frame will be the planes nose. We moved it forward a bit to compensate. 

If you want to avoid this problem all together, you can cut out the foam and give your plane a pretty little face. 

Before you glue down your battery plate, tape it down and check the CG. Depending on the weight of your battery, it might be sitting too far forward on the plate if you just glue it without balancing first. Remember, tape is easy to adjust, glue is not. Once you're satisfied, lock it down with whatever type of glue you like to use. 


Josh's Recommended Dual Rates / Expo

  • 100% / 30% <- Best for fast turns and maneuvers 
  • 70% / 30%   <- Best for general flying
  • 55% / 30%   <- Best for slow gentle flying (be wary of wind though!)

We hope you have enjoyed this episode! Thank you guys for all your support!


What do you want to see us Build, Tune, and Fly? Let us know! Chat it up in the forums!


Captain Crash on April 16, 2014
great airplane also i love the episode keep up the good work

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Captain351 on April 17, 2014
Whats the best place to buy them in the US! Great episode!
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sailorJohn on April 17, 2014
I liked that Josh demonstrated how to overcome deficiencies that almost all ARF's have and improved on the assembly process with keeping in mind that some repairs will be necessary. Extra tips such as fuel line keepers and differential adjustments are great for all flyers. And I hope he will continue to pass on skills he has learned from his father and others.
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tramsgar on April 17, 2014
Very good format, both educational and entertaining - keep these coming.
And I strongly second that fuel tubing tip: Crashed a bixler 2 because of a clevis coming loose.
Launching seems like a big trouble, I'd try to fit gears with retracts to it.
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casehatter on April 17, 2014
As I like electric for FPV and small 3D my visual sight planes for fun at the clubs is 2-strokers from 15cc to 100cc moving all my larger planes to 2- strokes mainly 15cc for the 60to 90 nitro and above well weight to hp or thrust to weight. This seems to be what the future in RC is I would like to see some of the 15cc engines ran and maybe some war bird trainers ( Mentor, Texan Ect ) with 2 strokers ( 2-cycle gas) A good trainer, fun plane is the 60 size Four Star, Stylist, and other nice low wing, big wing area trainers. The 15cc engines with the Walbro carbs
are great and dependable, the next step is the club planes..!! As U know
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sailorJohn on April 17, 2014
I would have liked a comparison to the Versa wing as I am very impressed by the ease of build and the flight characteristics (fun) of that wing
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Foam Addict on April 17, 2014
Well, Josh has shown his true colors... He's a tri-smasher!

Great episode guys! Also great tips on the common ARF mistakes and how to overcome them.
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Corbarrad on April 17, 2014
I spy with my little eye... Something that seems to be an FT Mustang.
Didn't you want to release an "adversary" plane first?
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Balu on April 18, 2014
For me as a beginner an episode where things like "differential" in regard to control horns, etc. get explained would be nice.

The prop fell off... What does that remind me of?
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OzBlueDragon on April 21, 2014
So where can we purchase this awesome aircraft?
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fatoa on October 5, 2015
I recently purchased this aircraft and watch the above video and Josh had mentioned about programming the ESC with brakes but the stock ESC has no marking to let me know who makes it and I would like to know how to program this ESC to prevent me from breaking yet another prop while landing. The wind-milling effect tend to get caught in the grass and either damage or completely break the prop.
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FX79 - Build, Tune, Fly