FT3D speed build - Custom paint ..Painted Maiden

by slav | July 13, 2013 | (0) Posted in Just Fun

Hello everyone well this was the kit I was waiting for......

soo much that I did do a scratch build ... The Fraken FT3D still flew awesome and so does this guy.


28series 2200kv...POWER

50amp esc

10x4.5 prop recommended

3s 2200mah

the Build went as speed builds do straight forward and complete in approx 4 hours

The original maiden went awesome though video glasses cought naught due to battery failure.

Painted By hand Flames Added by Brush took about 2 hours to paint

video of painted maiden below ......


Exhodus on July 24, 2013
Your paintjob looks freakin amazing! Would you post some tips or tutorial how to do it?
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johanjonker on July 24, 2013

love the paintjob.. love it love it love it!!!

2200kv might be a bit much for 3D..
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JasonEricAnderson on July 24, 2013
The plane is beautiful and looks like a lot of fun. Great job.
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zygote on July 24, 2013
Great build, love the paint job :)
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sailorJohn on July 24, 2013
wow what a paint job, put it on the wall and build a clunker to fly
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slav on July 25, 2013
Thanks guys I used a dry brush painting technique I used to study art
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FT3D speed build - Custom paint ..Painted Maiden