Flite to New Heights

by FliteTest | January 27, 2017 | (0) Posted in Just Fun

Beginning tomorrow at Flite Test we will begin to release a series of videos about general aviation that highlight pilots and their planes, beautifying historic aircraft, careers in flight and more! Don't worry, our main focus will still be RC, but because we are so passionate about all aspects of flight, we wanted to add general aviation to the content we share with you.

Do you have or know someone who has an airplane they'd like to share? Visit our general aviation page to submit information about it!


808aerosquadron on January 28, 2017
Looking forward to your upcoming general aviation episodes.

Keep up the good work, and "Keep'em flying!'"
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akron on January 29, 2017
Can't wait. Thanks for all that you share.
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magicmerlin on February 3, 2017
Love the plane. Which FAA Inspector did the inspection and who gave the ok to the airframe and powerplant log books?

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animan on February 3, 2017
This is a new cool direction for Flite Test. I have watched EVERY episode & built multiple planes (using your foam techniques). I am also a private pilot, so I am excited about this new content! Thanks for all the hard work the whole team has done in the past & in the future.
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mickydee on February 4, 2017
Outstanding111 I am a Private pilot and avid home builder. I look forward to this new activity. I have been flying your foamies for two years now . My eyes wont let me fly the full size anymore. I have built five home builts and earned my A&P rating in the process. Keep up the good work I will be following you all the way
My Flitetest airforce is up to 13 planes. I still have the first one. I flew it yesterday.
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Splatwillicrash on February 4, 2017
As a Private Pilot since before I could legally drive, I know the passion that they are trying to share here. I saw the teaser video of Josh at the PPG school in Florida, and cant wait to see him solo in one. I remember at FF2014 I presented Josh with a kit to help him (and others) for when that day arrived, I hope he has it with him now, and if not, he needs to find that footage from the first FF and enjoy it all over again. He like me, gets the tingles when we get near a cliff or edge, yet are perfectly fine flying in or at the controls of an aircraft. I want to see Josh's face when he lifts off. I hope they record it with a GoPro. I will find the perfect frame and make a poster of it!!! Thank you for expanding Flite Test, into General Aviation. Thank you to all the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes, from Stem Coordenators to people who run laser cutters and ship orders, to those who work so hard to put on Flite Fest every year.

See you at FF West!
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Flite to New Heights