Giant Sea Duck Build - Behind the Scenes

by FliteTest | October 31, 2018 | (14) Posted in Projects

Are you interested in the NEW thicker Flite Test Foam Board coming out soon? Here's what you can do with it.

The FT Sea Duck is such a great performing seaplane. It holds a special place in Josh Bixler's heart, so he just had to put together an enormous version. This isn't a one-off build, however. We've got a new type of durable foam board for these projects coming out soon so you can make models as large as this!

New Thicker Foam Board

The new foam we're testing at the moment is around twice the thickness of our regular Flite Test board. To create a giant scale airplane using this material, all you'll have to do is scale up any of our Flite Test plans by 185%. We will have tutorials of how to do this soon.

Currently, we stock:

Boxes of 25x 5mm thick sheets 

Boxes of 50x 5mm thick sheets 

New Power Systems

To propel these crazy sized builds, we'll also be releasing a new power pack with 40-30 sized motors. As well as up-scaling the foam board airframes, we've up-scaled the power systems! These are the same type that we used on the upgraded Warthog from the recentA-10 Vs. Tank episode.

Building a Giant Sea Duck

The giant Sea Duck builds just like the smaller version.

All that is different is the addition of some extra strengthening in the form of some appropriately 'low-tech' plywood. 

The time it takes to assemble one of these is comparable to a standard speed build kit if you have the pieces pre-cut. 

You'll need more cans of paint, but the finished result is undoubtedly worth it!

Flying a Seaplane From a Kyack

Don't try this at home!

This experiment was just a little bit of fun. Always stay safe and take precautions when operating RC any aircraft in any environment.

The seaplane had a ton of power and could pull Josh out into the Lake without a problem.

Alongside him, the Sea Duck could be unclipped from its mooring and let loose.

Coming towards Josh, the big flying boat almost looked like the real thing! If you're wondering which radio Josh uses at the moment, his main radio is the Spektrum iX12 available in the Flite Test Store

Back on the water, Josh could once again use the model to propel him across the water. Who needs paddles? 

Mission success!

The Power of Monster Builds

If you want to check out how this Sea Duck could pull a fully loaded kyack along the water for yourself (if you've not seen it yet), check out the full video here! 

Let us know if you're excited about the prospect of new foam board and giant power systems to build with!

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FlyingMichael on October 31, 2018
When will the thicker foam be released?
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jtude1313 on October 31, 2018
Let's see,,,, A Simple Cub Super Size. YUP! I like it ! !
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Sixmile on October 31, 2018
Jtuttle I’m just finishing up a 200% Simple Cub. The 140% flew awesome. I expect the same from the 200%
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jtude1313 on November 2, 2018
I'm curious, What size power system did you use?
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rblubaugh on October 31, 2018

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Sixmile on October 31, 2018
YES for the thicker foam board. Also larger than 20”x30”?
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PoorManRC on November 7, 2018
Definitely!! 20"x30" can be limiting sometimes...
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captron360 on November 1, 2018
Will there ever be a speed build kit for the giant sea duck?
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JmRogue11 on July 11, 2019
is there a blueprint for making a giant sea duck?
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Giant Sea Duck Build - Behind the Scenes