Guardian Gremlin v.2 Betaflight Configuration

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Guardian Gremlin v.2 Betaflight Configuration

Update Betaflight to 4.3.0 or 4.3.1

  • Go to: Releases · betaflight/betaflight-configurator · GitHub and scroll down toward the bottom to find the download that you need for your particular PC

    • Install the Betaflight Configurator and launch it.

  • Ensure your PC has an active internet connection, you will need it to download the correct firmware.

  • Prepare the Gremlin Guardian by ensuring you can access the boot button on the flight controller and ensure you have a data capable USB cable available and plugged into your computer.

    • To put your flight controller in bootloader mode plug in the USB while holding down the boot button the Flight Controller

    • Ensure the dropdown menu by the Update Firmware button reads “DFU – STM32 BOOTLOADER”

    • If it doesn’t read as pictured, you may need to load the driver for the Bootloader.

      • Go to: Downloads | ImpulseRC and download the ImpluseRC Driver Fixer

      • Run the driver fixer while your flight controller is in bootloader mode, wait until it finishes, then return to the Betaflight Configurator.  It should now read as above.

    • Click the Update Firmware Button

    • Under “Choose a Board”, select the JHEF411

    • Once chosen, the latest firmware will automatically populate.  You can choose the firmware from the drop down.  It’s recommended that you flash either 4.3.0 or 4.3.1 (the newest version as of the time of this document)

    • Ensure “No reboot sequence” is off, “Full chip erase” is on, and do not touch the baud rates.  Your selections should look like the image below.

    • Click the “Load Firmware [Online]” button in the lower right and wait for the configurator to download the firmware (only a few seconds).

    • Click the “Flash Firmware” button in the lower right and wait for the firmware to be flashed to the flight controller.  Ensure that you do not unplug the USB from the PC or the flight controller.

    • Once complete, click the “Exit DFU Mode” button.  You have now updated the firmware!

Loading the Guardian Gremlin Dump File

  • We have created a config file that will load optimal settings for your Guardian Gremlin.  This makes it easy to get setup and going a little quicker, and with a tune that will be beneficial for your aircraft.

  • Open the Betaflight Configurator if it is not already open

  • Plug in a data capable USB cable to your PC and to the flight controller.  DO NOT press the boot button while plugging in.

  • In the top right by the “Update Firmware” and “Connect” button, the text box should say “COM# - Betaflight STM32F411” where the # is an actual number. 

  • Click the “Connect” button

    • Once connected, you should be in the “Setup” screen.  There may be a warning popup that your flight controller needs to have the accelerometer needs to be calibrated.  We’ll take care of that next.  Click out of the warning dialog.

    • At the top left there will be a button that says “Calibrate Accelerometer”.  Ensure your Guardian Gremlin is on a flat, level surface (doesn’t need to be perfect) and press the button.

    • Once completed, pick up the Guardian and move it around.  It should move on screen in the same manner that you are moving the real quadcopter.  If it is reversed, do the following:

      • Click into the “Configuration” screen from the list on the left of the screen

      • In the top left, there will be a sub-menu “Board and Sensor Alignment”  

      • Under “First GYRO” click the drop down to see all the options, and select “CW 0⁰”.  

      • Click “Save and Reboot” in the bottom right.

      • Flight controller will reboot, and the Betaflight Configurator will exit out.  If it does not automatically reconnect, just click the “Connect” button.

      • Return to the “Setup” menu, and move your Guardian, ensuring that all movements are matched to the one in the Configurator.

  • From here, download the Guardian Gremlin Betaflight Dump File from the Flite Test Store page for the Guardian Gremlin.

  • In Betaflight Configurator, click on the “CLI” menu from the list on the left.

    • This is the “Command Line Interface” (CLI) area where you can manually setup the flight controller.  The dump file is a batch file that will load all the appropriate settings for you through the command line.

    • At the bottom right, click the “Load from File” button, and navigate to the place where you downloaded and save the dump file.

    • Select the file, and click open.  

    • A dialog will open showing you the information in the dump file.  

    • Click the execute button.

    • Allow the Betaflight Configurator to load all the data to your flight controller, this will take a few seconds to complete.

    • Once done, click “Disconnect” in the top right, then click “Connect” to go back into the configurator tool.  

    • All your settings have been completed.


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Guardian Gremlin v.2 Betaflight Configuration