Hobby King EPO P-47 1600mm

by FliteTest | January 16, 2012 | (9) Posted in Reviews

In this episode of Flite Test, Josh and Josh review the monster size EPO P-47 1100mm Thunderbolt. This giant P-47 flies amazing, and is extremely detailed. Watch this episode to see more!

Airplanes used in this epsiode:
Durafly P-47 Thunderbolt w/flaps/retracts/lights 1100mm (PNF) 


pilot Dewey on May 17, 2012
josh was the victor of that dogfight.
very nice looking plane.
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mvaller00 on July 8, 2012
I'm actually curious... I have the Blitzworks 1600mm looks identical. I've been having the hardest time getting that damn tail wheel setup right... these wires are so hard to get tension on... it's killing me. I'm almost thinking of taking a rubber band directly on the tail wheel and taking one wire and attaching it to the plywood in the frame to keep tension and spring back????

I didn't really understand how you guys did that in the video with the rubber bands. I would REALLY love to know how you did this.

Also, I'm working on the throws etc... and I noticed that there was a specific notice that if your using your own transmitter you will have to change your End Point or Travel Adjust. But wasn't quite sure what that meant. Haven't done this before. I have the DX8 and know how to do it (as of today) but curious if they mean I have to make those changes due to it not having the proper throw distances???

I wish there was more on this plane... it looks to be so solid in the air.... any help would be great!

That being said... last thing guys! Ya GOT TO get back to doing more Horizon Hobby stuff! I got so excited when I saw you doing that HH products. Just sayin... :) Keep up the great work guys.
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Flying Fox on September 5, 2014
Nice it is an awesome looking plane and Massive P-47 And Little Mustangs certainly do NOT mix.
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captron360 on December 3, 2014
I have the Parkzone P-47 and fly on a grass field. Because the landing gear is so close to the CG it tends to nose over easy during take off and landing. Does the larger one do this also?

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Hobby King EPO P-47 1600mm