How to Rate and comment Articles.

by x3mperformance | October 18, 2014 | (13) Posted in How To

As a true fellow sportsman, i think i speek on the behalf of everyone here.


When someone have posted an article, there has gone some time and effort into this.
No matter how small or big a effort there has been put into it, if it was any use or good to anybody...


The remember to write a message in the section below.


 You can write what you think about the article, or tell how help full it has been.
Or plain simple just write a comment. (Be modest and honest.) Even constructive critics are welcome.

You can also ask questions, if there are something you dont understand, or things you need to get a better understanding about.

When finished typing, press the blue botten marked "Submit Comment"...


If the article was to any use, beeing at very little use, or it saved your behind totally, then you need to put your attention to the part in the top.

 Fill in how terribel you think it was, from totally not worth your or anybodys time, to most users should see this.



These small steps will make it a lot easyer, to other users, help to find the good stuff and the stuff with the information needed to do, whatever your looking for.

And it will tell the publisher, if it is worth posting more stuf, or he/she should pick up on collecting stamps instead.


Also, when posting articles, be frank, make them worth it, fill them with good information other people can put to good use.

Make it easy to search for it, be clear in the info.

Hope this will help the users as well as the publishers to some better quality stuff.


canuck on October 19, 2014
Canadians do poor critiques, I hate finding fault. :-)
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x3mperformance on October 19, 2014
Canadians ar not like Grumpy old men... I have seen GAGS in Quebec...
You do a great critics too. :-)
And finding faults is not always the way to go, telling people that they did a good job, is also Critics.

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galaxy engineer on October 19, 2014
Great subject for an article! I think it is a very helpful idea for the whole community making it easier to find the good and helpful articles as the higher ratings will help them float to the top in the search engine if you use the filters provided.
Thanks for breaking it down!!
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x3mperformance on October 19, 2014
Thanks, and yes, this is a great place for the community to source the good stuff.
I hav enjoyed the Show, as well as the articles since the beginning.
But i think some new members are being a bit sloppy, just like some of the older ones. :-)
Not all of them. ;-)
Glad to help, and proud to be a part of it all.
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RC Plane Addict on October 20, 2014
Great info, short and sweet. TY
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x3mperformance on October 19, 2014
As a answer to all.
I do rate and i do comment on other peoples work.
What i think can help others will get a wote too, and if i tend to find it usefull, myself, i rate and comment.
You will se my comments on a bunch of different stuff.


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Desert Wings on October 18, 2014
I have no comment on your article regarding comments...... Just kidding, I agree constructive feedback is always good, and that is what makes Flite Test different and better than other forums/venues. Let's keep it that way with quality articles, quality moderating, and quality feedback and ratings.
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x3mperformance on October 19, 2014
Spot on, champ. Plain and simple.
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LordVader on October 18, 2014
I agree, it is good to comment and rate articles. Especially if it helps you in any way. This is a really neat and different way to do things other than just looking up posts. I like all the articles and how it has helped me in this hobby. I hope it continues.:)
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x3mperformance on October 19, 2014
Yes, it helps.
Not only will it be easy to find the good stuff.
People also will find out if the stuff the make for articles actually works for other people.
That's a help too.
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parulsharma on April 2, 2021
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parulpatel on August 17, 2021
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itsanjaliarora85 on October 27, 2022
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How to Rate and comment Articles.