Inductrix FPV Plus Review!

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The original Inductrix and Inductrix FPV have been out for a while now, but there's a new kid on the block who is looking to take on other similar quads on the market - introducing the Inductrix FPV Plus

Here is our video review.


The Inductrix FPV Plus is fairly like its predecessors in terms of specification. Here is a run-down of its features

  • Safe technology 
  • 1S 500mAh battery
  • 8mm brushed motors 
  • Larger propellers for a much more powerful flight experience
  • Flight times form 4-6 minutes
  • 32 channel 25mW video transmitter
  • Light and durable dipole antenna 
  • 600 TVL camera with a 140° field of view
  • LED tail light for line of sight flying or flying with friends. Has 5 colors to choose from
  • Durable airframe
  • Quiet ducted fans
  • Meow Mode will flip a crashed, upside down craft to an upright orientation at the push of a button

Inductrix FPV Plus Vs. Tiny Whoop

As Alex pointed out in the video, many people have been comparing the Inductrix with the original Inductrix FPV and the upgraded Tiny Whoop. However, we don't think it's a straight fight.

They're really two different animals.

Despite their similar appearance, there are some crucial differences. 

One of the key features of the new  Inductrix FPV Plus is the altitude hold mode. In this mode, there is a barometric sensor that enables the quad to maintain its relative height with no inputs on the controls.

In this mode the throttle is also dampened so large inputs don't cause you to crash. This is especially handy for teaching beginners. 

It is also more powerful than the Inductrix FPV and even the customized Tiny Whoops.  If you are looking for a more powerful micro quad that you don't have to take the time to build (see Tiny Whoop below), the Inductrix FPV Plus may be a good fit.

The  Inductrix FPV Plus takes larger batteries than its smaller siblings but has about the same amount of flite time, less if you are pushing the throttle hard. We recommend extra batteries so that you don't always have to be waiting for them to charge! Take a look at the FT Store to choose the right batteries for you. 

Talking more about the features of the new  Inductrix FPV Plus, this quad has the capability to go outside and even battle some wind.


BNF and RTF Options 

The Inductrix FPV Plus comes in different options which caters to both beginners and more advanced flyers who already have a transmitter and FPV goggles/ an FPV monitor. 

If you get the Bind and Fly (BNF) package, you're going to need to supply your own radio transmitter (controller) and FPV goggles or an FPV monitor.  



The Ready to Fly (RTF) version comes with a transmitter and a monitor and is a great option if you have none of those.

Other Inductrix Versions

There have been a couple of prior versions of this little quad that we have looked at. The first one was the original non-FPV version that we have available in our store.

Here is the original Inductrix FPV (not the Inductrix FPV Plus) that we tested previously. 

Other Options

If you want to go a little larger and a little more powerful, the brushless Blade Torrent 110 may be a good option for you. 

Alternatively, the FT Gremlin as a DIY option is a great flying quad with a ton of customizability to make it bespoke to your needs. We also do various different frame designs for your personal preferences by Josh B, Alex, Stefan and TJ in either carbon-fibre or delrin plastic. 

Here is our video on the FT Gremlin so that you can see it in more detail!


We think that the new Inductrix FPV Plus is a great micro quad. If you're new to the FPV scene or want to get into FPV quads, this is a great option for you.

Whichever quad is for you, if you decide to purchase an Inductrix, Tiny Whoop, Blade Torrent 110 or an FT Gremlin, we hope you have a great experience with your quad. Check all of the Inductrix quads we have stocked in our store.

Inductrix FPV Plus

Bind and Fly

Ready To Fly

(Original) Inductrix FPV 

Bind and Fly

Inductrix (non FPV)

Bind and Fly

Article written by James Whomsley Editor

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Inductrix FPV Plus Review!