IR Blocked FPV Camera Review Security Camera 2000

by StoneBlueAirlines | February 2, 2013 | (15 Ratings) Posted in Reviews


This is my review of a brand new FPV Camera I picked up from Security Camera 2000
It is the CMQ1993X. This is a Sony 600TVL FPV board camera with Nextchip 2040 DSP, Samsung and Panasonic resistance components and Tantalum capacitor. It is installed with dual 850nm IR filter which blocks the IR light and makes the image colors more true to life. This camera is very suitable for FPV flying in the day. For night flying this would not be your best option. In this full test on the camera, you will learn all there is to know about going through the menu and what the different lenses look like when flying. If your in need of a new fpv camera this is one to check out.

Most of my test flights were done late in the day heading towards sunset. I was impressed with the over all color and detail on this camera. You will see more flights coming from this camera soon.

I got these items from
Quick delivery and all items boxed well. Links below to check out each item I was using in this review. If you decide to pick one up let me know and don't forget to tell Security Camera 2000 who sent you there way. Thanks guys here is more info on this camera.

SONY Super HAD CCD 600TVL D-WDR DNR Board Camera For FPV

Camera Housing Case with Audio Hole:

2.1mm Lens:

2.8mm Lens:

1.25mm 3 Core Video Power Cable for Board Camera

CMQ1993x Features:

    NOT sensitive with IR light
    Color 600TVL Black & white 650TVL High Picture Quality
    Default 3.6mm lens, 2.1 and 2.8mm wide angle lens are optional
    Removable high grade OSD menu
    DNR (Digital Noise Reduction)
    Low Power Consumption
    Back light compensation (BLC)
    Anti-exposure function (support car license recording)
    8 private areas Shading function
    Low illumination: 0.01Lux
    White dot repair
    DC 9V-12V Power input
    CVBS (BNC) Video output

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Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Repeat.

My Gear:

FPV Gear:

FPV Camera:
Sony CMQ1993X

808 #16 Keychain Camera with modded lens.
808 #16 V2 D Lens


Ibcrazy Spector
FPV40 Scratch Build Wing from Dollar Tree Foam
Flight Test Nut Ball

Lotus T380 5.8ghz
DJI F450 KK2.0 V1.5


Futaba T6EXA Radio
Spectrum Dx6i
Receiver: Coronal RP6D1 / RP8D1

Ground Station:
1.2 Ghz Transmitter and receiver for video
Helical and Cross Hair Antenna
Vuzix Wrap 920 Goggles

Great Stuff on YouTube:

Flying Wing Calculator

Free Flight Sim for PC.


My Day Job:


Good Kebo on February 2, 2013
Nice job switching the lenses, interesting to see the differences. Also liked your editing. Using the kids voices from the ground was a good touch to mix with the fpv footage.
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colorex on February 3, 2013
Agreed, came down here to comment on that!
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StoneBlueAirlines on February 4, 2013
Thanks i wanted people to be able to really see what the difference was on the lenses so you guys can make your pick on what is best for you.

The planes always draw a crown and i just handed my camera to a few kids to film for fun. Love the it flew over the moon comment.
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jfpryde on February 2, 2013
Good review, and thanks for the lens comparison. That was really helpful.
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StoneBlueAirlines on February 4, 2013
Glad to do it. Its a nice combo and lens.
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MidwestRob on February 2, 2013
Excellent review. I purchased this same camera about a month ago and I'm very pleased with the results. It's just as good, if not better, than a camera I paid almost 3x as much for. A great camera for the price.
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StoneBlueAirlines on February 4, 2013
It is a great camera for the price and with most people flying in the day time its the one to get.
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AdeptM on June 23, 2013
Is it better than the PZ0420?
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StoneBlueAirlines on June 24, 2013
Same camera but this one is ir blocked for day flying. Pick one up you wont be sorry. Let them know you saw this review ok on our page. Thanks man.
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