Katana X2 – The KFm6 FPV wing updated!

by Red20RC | March 10, 2016 | (0) Posted in Projects

The original Katana X KFm6 FPV wing flew pretty well in the original video so why on Earth did I build another one so quickly?

Katana X2 – KFm6 FPV wing

KFm6 FPV wingSo the video says it all really. The V1 flew okay but at the end of the day I had to use a LOT of weight in the nose to get an even marginal balance point. This became more and more of a problem as it was going to have an impact on performance so something had to be done.

The simple solution was to move the motor and battery forward a bit to have less weight hanging out the back. This involved a slight redesign of the wing trailing edge and the pod but nothing major. Even after all this I have found I still needed a little weight up front but this has been recessed into the foam leading edge and I can learn to live with it. It also means I can now get a 5200mah 3S in there, which is going to help endurance no end!

Preliminary flights have been really good. The wing is still very stable and forgiving with no nasty habits. I flew it initially with the smaller 2836/1100kv motor and although it had a good turn of speed I did feel it was struggling a little when I wanted to climb out of trouble. I’ve now swapped the 2836/1500kv SK3 back in and it has considerably more power. This is great for performance but time will tell how it effects endurance.

Can I build one now then?

You certainly can! (and sorry for the delay). The new plans are linked below. The full plan is for reference but the cutting guide is smaller for printing and gives you all the outlines you need. For those who need to know, the full plan is 1371.5 x 800mm and the cutting guide is 600 x 700mm. The tiled version of the cutting guide should print fine at 100% scale on A4 paper.


This has been an awesome project and the Katana X2 is now my go-to wing for relaxed FPV flying. I’ve been out to a moderate distance without any problems and look forward to many more flights.

Red20RC is undergoing a bit of a facelift at the moment with a new store site launching soon. When that happens, things like the pods will become available for purchase.

Developments for the future will probably involve a folded or EPP foam version as well as something with long-range gear in it. Watch this space…




amcknight31 on March 14, 2016
Nice! Like the first Katana as well.
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Katana X2 – The KFm6 FPV wing updated!