Lawmate TX heat sink modification.

by rchacker | August 13, 2013 | (4) Posted in Tips

Improving the heat dissipation on a Lawmate 120500 FPV video transmitter.
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vk2dxn on August 13, 2013
Hey Marc
I don't agree that it will increase in output but an educated guess is that the final PA will suffer from heat soak with out the mod which will reduce the output power as it gets hotter.

Great mod mate and I love the pressure contact you made from the sump plug washer. That's really neat
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danallen82 on August 13, 2013
Great mod! Have you tested it in flight? I wonder if the other ICs need cool too.
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rchacker on August 14, 2013
Thanks, Just the one needs good cooling. Yet to test it, the long range build is still underway.
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danallen82 on August 14, 2013
I just got my HK 900mhz 200mw FPV gear and the Tx doesn't even get that warm. Even the power regulator doesn't feel any warmer than the rest. I guess 200mw is fine as is.
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Lawmate TX heat sink modification.