Make Your Quad Fly like a plane!

by FLYitRC | February 2, 2013 | (6) Posted in Tips

Hi Guys!

This is my first article but I figured I'd throw this little tip out there for some of the plane guys transfering to/trying out quads and also Vice-versa!

So as a first statement, You MUST have a computerized Radio, I am using my DX6i

I am Personally a plane guy. I recently picked up an Blade mQX for some fun in the winter time when I can fly in my small suburban yard.
I was finding it hard to get used to give WAY more rudder on my Quad than on my planes to perform simple turns! 

So I decided to hook up to my Flight sim and try some things out! I found it works pretty well.

This setup will allow you to fly your Quad like a plane but also allow you to switch to normal mode to do easy and smooth decents for landings

What you need to do to start is set the model into Heli mode.

Then it's mix time! 

Only 1 mix for this. 
Master control is your aileron, slave is Rudder

Set L to +50% and R to +50%

I set my switch to my aileron DR switch. (set it to which ever swtich you set your D/R combi swtich to)

Next time to set your D/R.

0 is going to be normal mode so set your D/R and expos how you are most comfortable already.
1 is going to be plane mode. This should have

Aileron: 100% +10%expo

Elevator: 100% +25%expo

Rudder: 100% +25%expo

Lastly set your D/R combination switch to the same switch that changes the mix on and off.

This effectivly with one switch flick allows you to automatically add 50% of your aileron input into your yaw which makes a nice smooth turn. this is effectively Bank and yank unless at lower speeds you will need to add some rudder,

As you progress start turning the mix down which will force you to start adding rudder for every turn you make.  soon you will be flying a quad on normal mode with no problems!

I hope this tip helps many of the people who are trying quads for the first time.


Good Kebo on February 5, 2013
Thanks for the advice. I found switching to the dark side (plane to multicopter of course} quite difficult. I am finally getting better, practicing on flight sim helped, especially if you use "promenade training" .....I use Heli-x4.
I am using my old basic Bilxer TX to fly my quad so I can't try your ideas but I would like to! No expo, no computer, very sensitive sticks!
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Make Your Quad Fly like a plane!