Parkzone F4U 'Corsair' microplane | For beginners?

by lexusis220d | February 2, 2013 | (0) Posted in Reviews

Paul flies his Micro-Corsair near Eyserheide.. - YouTube.

Some time ago I decided to buy a Parkzone Corsair Microplane. Admittedly it might not have been the best choice for a beginner (so people told me..) but it's just looked so nice! :-) Flying it actually was a challenge especially in windy conditions. The brilliant thing is that it trains the reflexes very well. It was a lot more of 'preventing crashes' than actual flying but that might be the quickest way to learn how to fly.

What really makes this a great trainer in my opinion is the little plane's resilience. I crashed it numerous times but because it weighs only a couple of grams it tends to 'flutter' to the ground and 'land' softly. On the occasions that it went nose down and full speed into the ground it did break... Normally where the wings meet the fuselage. The great thing is that I managed to fix all those cracks by simply placing some CA (foam) glue and light transparent stickers (those are actually in the kit)! This means that, although severely battered, I am still flying it!

All-in-all I would say: Just go ahead and use these types of planes as a beginner. The prices are pretty low and it realizes a steep learning curve which has a positive effect on really getting to like the hobby and move on to bigger planes. Have fun!!!



Steve236 on February 4, 2013
My experience was different. I found it too easy to over control and easy to damage. For a beginner, the Cub or Citabria are better. Mine was also difficult to trim. Maybe I just got a bad one. It is my second micro, the Citabria was my first. I bought it after being out of RC for almost 40 years.
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Parkzone F4U 'Corsair' microplane | For beginners?