Maker Faire NYC Recap

by FliteTest | October 1, 2014 | (13) Posted in News

New York was the place to be if you enjoy anything D.I.Y. or technology related. World Maker Faire 2014 hosted some of the most eclectic minds in the creative world and they all gathered to show off their stuff.

It was an absolute pleasure to rub elbows with the tinkerers at Maker Faire and to be a part of this amazing event. We had the opportunity to meet so many great people and help them learn all about Flite Test and what we do. 

Yes, that is a 3D printed car. And yes, it did drive!

One of our neighbors in the Fly Zone were the amazing people at Game of Drones. The second we heard the announcer bellow their motto "If it flies, it fights!", we knew we were going to get along very well. 

They stopped by to hang out and brought along a peace offering. They gifted us two of their indestructable quad frames! These things can take a beating from a baseball bat, survive a blazing inferno, and laugh in the face of a sawn-off shotgun!

If you want to see them do all of these things and more check out the Game of Drones Videos to watch the abuse. 

Speaking of battle worthy drones, this monstrosity was created by the man holding it, TommyGunn.

Tommy is an active member here at Flite Test with some really awesome articles like the Paper Quadcopter. It was a pleasue to talk shop with you Tommy and also to meet your family. Hope to see more awesome content from you!

Our other neightbors were the FPV youngbloods from Flying Squirrel Multirotors. It was truly awesome to hang out with these gents.

We are extremely impressed with the work they are doing and strongly suggest you check them out and support any way you can. Keep up the great work boys!

 We also ran into our friends Adam and Brian from Hack-A-Day. This is actually the first time we got to meet face to face! 

They stopped by to have a chat with Alex and Josh about Flite Test and our future plans. Check out the interview here!

Sunday morning we made the mistake of giving our trailer keys to Jim while he parked the car, which was around a 2 hour quest. Luckily, right down the way from us was Night Owl! 

Night Owl is a member of TOOOL (The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers). Let's just say that once he showed up, we had no trouble getting into our trailer! Check them out at to learn more or become a member yourself. 

We are always humbled to see companys taking complicated things and making them easy for everyone to understand and get into, much like we doing with flying.

What we do for R/C, LittleBits does for electronics. 

LittleBits are magneticly interlocking modules that all contain a single electronic component like a button, or an LED, or a dimmer switch. On their own they don't to much, but snap them together and you can create literaly anything you can imagine. 

The amount of creativity coming out of the LittleBits booth was astounding. They were kind enough to let us try out one of their starter kits and even let us give you guys a discount to try them out for yourself!

If you go to and pick up something from their store, you can use the coupon code: FLITETEST for $20 off your purchase. Thanks again to LittleBits for the kit and be on the lookout for what we might create with these in the future. 

Needless to say our first Maker Faire experience was one for the books. We are definitely going to try and 'make' it next year!

Thanks to everyone at MAKE and also to all you awesome people who stopped by just to say hello. 



casehatter on October 1, 2014
Love the Make Mags. and Vids. want creative wow combine and go wild and fun..!!
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d2m1 on October 1, 2014
Looks like a great time, I would also suggest Maker Faire Detroit. A bit smaller, but maybe a bit closer, not to mention the Henry Ford museum is full of cool stuff to see.
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ghostbear83z on October 1, 2014
FYI that was not a high end lock on the trailer, You need Abloy or BiLock based locks to resist picking
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91shadowrider on October 1, 2014
Yes we want to see you guys in California!!! That is Northern California. Sacramento or further North.
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AstronJohn on October 2, 2014
+1 for Maker Faire Detroit. Wonderful place with a big front lawn perfect area to fly rockets and planes.
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Bbjen on October 2, 2014
Saw the Bix3 in the back, so I guess that it's comming soon ;)
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FlyKAR on October 2, 2014
Great Show! Saw what looked like a miniature version of your FT Old Speedster while you were talking to TommyGunn... Is that going to be available as a plan??

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dqmakes on October 3, 2014
Nice recap video. Even looked into getting some littlebits but your code doesn't seem to do anything.
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Maker Faire NYC Recap