MicroVector, Riot 250 and Phantoms | FTP140

by FliteTest | February 2, 2017 | (0) Posted in Podcasts

Special guests Austin and Josh S. join Stefan as they chat about Flite Fest West, hoola hoop racing, recent Flite Test episodes and RC news.

Flite Fest West (#FFW17 – official social media hashtag!) 

In case you haven’t heard, our first-ever, west event will take place April 27-30, at the Solano County Fairgrounds in Vallejo, Cali. The venue is merely a hop, skip and a jump away from Sacramento and San Francisco. P.s. Registration is open NOW! Register here.

Community Showcase

We get some pretty neat ideas posted in articles on our website. One of our more recent favorites was the hoola hoop racing gates designed by Mebillica. It is a great way to create a course to race your favorite quads whether it’s indoors or outdoors. The best part is that you can create these gates with common materials such as the hoola hoop, battery plugs, Velcro straps, electrical tape and more! See how he created them here.

New at Flite Test

We’ve been busy this month at Flite Test with new content that you may have already seen and what you’ll get to see soon! Some of our new episodes include: A Beginner’s Guide to DronesTruck Drone vlog and an UMX A-10 review. We are excited about some of the new products that have come out recently like the Forge 3D Printer and the Micro Vector, and the products that are coming out soon: Furious FPV Moskito

Side note: if you have any ideas of new Flite Test swag you’d like to see in our store, let us know!

RC Current Events

The Orlando Drone Ordinance Passed! Check out detailed information about that here.

Bye bye, Phantom 

DJI has decided to eliminate several versions of the Phantom from their line-up including the Phantom 3, Phantom Advanced 3, Phantom Pro 3 and Phantom 4. However, they will still be carrying the Phantom 3 Standard, Phantom 4 Pro and Pro+! 

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Hazak on February 3, 2017
Thats a sweet drone on the table!
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Kdobson83 on February 3, 2017
Hey, I listen to the after hours podcasts at work, and I tried to watch the new ones hosted by Stefan but video podcasts are hard to do at work. Suggestion, add an audio only link here on this page. That way people can tune in without wasting data on video. Just a thought.
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barryynes on February 5, 2017
I noticed that the word DRONE just falls out of peoples mouths when they talk about R/C aircraft. I am actually becoming annoyed by that name. Especially from the media and the government. It would be nice to educate the people of the world on the correct names of the aircraft being spoken about, not just calling everything a drone. I am former military, and saw what a" DRONE" is and what they do. I do not consider my hobby a "DRONE" in any way. Please try to call what you are flying or talking about by the proper category it is built as. QUAD copter, TRI copter, Airplane etc.
Thank you very much for everything you do for this great hobby.
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MicroVector, Riot 250 and Phantoms | FTP140