Mighty Mini F-16

by Crazed Scout Pilot | May 27, 2023 | (1) Posted in Projects

The long awaited Flite Test Mighty Mini F-16 Fighting Falcon is here. So get you power pack F, and two sheets of foam board ready because you don't want to miss out on this terrific build.

The inspiration for this build comes from an article that I read ( I forget now which one it was) and in the comments below someone said that they would like to see someone build a F-16. So I thought to my self, "I should try that, and maybe because Flite Test does not have a Mighty Mini F-16 they will take my design and build a speed build kit with it and put together good free tiled plans. So here it is, I hope that you enjoy it. I look forward to seeing what you guys think.


If you would like to build this bird you will need power pack F a 3 cell 800 mph battery and 2 sheets of foam board. Below is a link to my plans. I did not have any computer program to design my plans with, so I had to do it the old fashion way with my hand. So, if you tap on the link, and then print them out, and then tape them together the way you see below you won't know the difference between hand drawn an computer plans.

There are a few things to note 1.Blue means cut the foam off and leave the paper underneath 2. To complete the build you will need to cut out two rear fuselage pieces.


Wingspan: 25''

Length: 28 3/4''

Note: Please feel free to write an article telling about you experience with this airplane, and feel free to include a link to computerized plans if you want to. There is no copyright with this airplane.   

F-16 Build Plans.pdf

Mighty mini F-16 Build Instructions.pdf


This plane flies very much like the Flite Test Swappable F-22. Before I put electronics in it I did a few glide tests a it glided really well. I hope you enjoy the flying experience.

Note: If your just starting out with this hobby pick something else (like the FT Tiny Trainer) as your first airplane.

I anticipate seeing your builds if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments section below .

What plane would you like to see me design next? Let me know! Chat it up in the comments section below!

Thank you,



prayer3290 on October 16, 2023
Hey nice job i would love to see a maybe a F-35? Maybe made out of depron?
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Crazed Scout Pilot on October 17, 2023
Thank you! I'm sorry that it was not very scale.😢
I would love to design an F-35. Stay tuned! Right now I'm designing version 2 of the F-16.
I'm sorry but I have never worked with Depron. Maybe you could use my design and then transfer it to depron?
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prayer3290 on October 18, 2023
Oh will version two be scale or just be a bit modified? i would love to make these with depron!
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Crazed Scout Pilot on November 6, 2023
sorry that I have not answered you sooner. version two is done and flies amazingly. it is a lot more scale than this one. I will try to write an article about it. I have posted the plans in the form with videos. here are some links...



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Mighty Mini F-16