Module-Air Build Instructions

by Ran D. St. Clair | July 24, 2017 | (0) Posted in Projects

 Module-Air Build Instructions




The Module-Air is a 33 ft. span, 14.5 pound flying wing.  It is the 3rd in the “Go Big at Flite Fest” series. The idea is to provide a set of reference designs that can be built using locally sourced and inexpensive materials and flown at Flite Fest. These designs either break down for transport, or can be quickly assembled and discarded when the event is over. They are all 8 ft. span or larger and serve to demonstrate a set of build techniques that can be used to create large and inexpensive aircraft of any design.

 The Module-Air is ideally suited to be a “team build” at the event.  With suitable preparations it can be built in just a few hours.  The disposable materials, primarily the Styrofoam insulation and pine trim molding, can be purchased locally for under $100.  The various radio gear, batteries, servos, and flight controllers are all relatively inexpensive and reusable for other projects.

 The build is not difficult but a general understanding of structures and RC techniques is assumed.  Due to the use of a flight controller an intermediate or advanced builder should be part of the team.  Due to the physical size and limited wind range an intermediate to advanced RC pilot is required.

 It is possible to build the Module-Air at home and transport it to the event.  With some care in packaging to prevent damage, the Module-Air can be broken down to a space about 97” x 30” x 9”.  Assembly and disassembly time is only about 10 minutes.


 Wing span:33 ft.

 Wing chord: 2 ft. (plus control surface and launching feet)

 Wing Area: 73 sq. ft.

 Weight: 14.56 pounds

 Recommended CG: 7 in. behind the leading edge (25.6%)

 Batteries: 4 each, 3.3Ah, 3S (11.1V), 2.34 lbs. total (or equivalent)

 Motors: 4 each Emax GS2215/09,1180KV (or equivalent)

 Propellers: Emax 10x4.5, 2 CCW and 2 CW

 Maximum Power: 220W per motor, 880W Total

 Maximum Current: 20A per motor, 80A Total

Flight Time: 15 minutes

The full detailed build instructions can be found here:\


Air-headed Aviator on July 26, 2017
*sniff8 *sniff* smell that? *sniiiiffff* smells like combat territory for this big bird! In all seriousness this plane looks real fun, and I'm curious as to what the community might do with this and you other giant designs.
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dlreck on August 4, 2017
amazing! I'd like to point out how well organized the article and video were too, good job!
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HilldaFlyer on October 29, 2017
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Module-Air Build Instructions