C.8 Swoosh Mk II - PROTOTYPE

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C.8 Swoosh Mk II  Protoype

The C.8 Swoosh Mk II is a new take on my original scratch build of the same name.

The Swoosh Mk II is a monoplane, single engine, twin boom airplane built using Flite Test's classic foam board building techniques plus some special techniques innovated by the scratch build community. The plane features a smooth aerodynamically sharp wing, wooden spars, and several other elements to assist in producing a durable and fast sport racer.


The C.8 itself is actually a re-rendition of an earlier build of the same name. The major changes between the C.4 Swoosh (as it was called) and the C.8 are the wing and tail boom modifications. The booms of the C.8 are thinner and re-positioned for a more aerodynamic plane. The wing, while keeping the same thickness and airfoil deletes the "step" commonly seen on Flite Test wings and trades the undercambered wing tips for a smooth taper of the wing to its thin edge. In addition to these two major changes the central nacelle features a doubled up foambody, for absorbing impacts from crashes and power from the motor, and a taped on tapered nose (try saying that 5 times fast) which increases aerodynamic sleekness and allows superficial damage from nose-ins to be replaced.


Here is the C.8 pictured with two prior versions of the Swoosh. The first ever Swoosh built  is pictured up top. An example of the C.4A, the first reitteration of the Swoosh is center.


You can see here how the wing's bottom surface is a contiuous surface, and how the wing tips taper smoothly together to a sharp edge. The ailerons as well are noticably larger than that of the original Swoosh, and two naca ducts are cut on the bottom.


The Swoosh Mk II is a 4 channel aircraft with throttle, aileron, elevator and rudder. This version of the Swoosh uses six (6) 9 gram servos, one per each aileron (2), one per rudder (2), and two for the single elevator. The idea for the two servos on the elevator was so that affirmative control on the surface is secure, and not off-centered. A servo per each rudder makes for a cleaner setup than the rudders being hardmounted together as well, however the plane can be easily set up to be built with only 4 servos, one controlling both rudders and a single servo bindedto the elevator. The previous Swoosh designs are set up in this way.

Here is a view of the tail during construction. You can see the 4 servos that will connect to the three surfaces.

Here is a list of all the electronic components used on the Swoosh prototype (NOTE:These components are not the most optomal parts for the plane, just what were available)

  • 6 x 9 gram servos (mixed brands)
  • 4 x 9 inch/ 22.86 cm servo extensions
  • 12 in/ 30.48 cm y-connecter
  • 4 in/ 10.16 cm y-connector
  • 6 in/ 15.24 cm y-connector
  • 4 channel R400 OrangeRX
  • 30 amp BLHeli ESC
  • 2215 Emax 1100kv Brushless motor w/10 x 4.7 propeller
  • 11.1v 3S LiPo battery

A proposed powerplant for the Swoosh Mk II is also the 35/36 NTM Propdrive Motor (otherwise known as the HUUUUUGGGEEE motor) paired with an Aerostar 70 amp ESC; enough power to push the plane (theoretically) over 100+ mph. 

*I have not yet tested the plane with the NTM motor yet but hope to post the results of its use soon.

The Flight Characteristics of the Swoosh Mk II define an aircraft made for Speed

The aircraft is agile on a line but does not possess a floaty nature. It moves well through the air, with little resistence, and is capabe of accelerating quickly. Roll rate is balistic, and all controls have good authority. In turns the plane benefits from rudder input to stay level and at alltitude. The Swoosh tracks excellently and seems to glide forever in ground effect. Anyone who is comfortable with with 4 channel sport craft (non trainers) can fly this plane, which I rate as intermediate/ expert flyer.


As of now the Swoosh Mk II is still (technically) in the prototype phase, however it is on the way to becoming a complete scratch built model

Here are more photos of the plane's features and a few shots of the build process.

Inside the plane's battery hatch (R605 OrangeRX pictured)


The Swoosh uses a modified power pod that is shorter than the traditional Flite Test pod. it is held in with two skewers.


Wing tip skid protects servo and control arm, while looking attractive


This is the wing under construction. The cavities for the fuselage and tailbooms can be cleary seen.


Here were all the parts of the Swoosh prior to final construction


The C.8 immediately after construction


Flight Video of the Swoosh Mk II is not yet available, but expect some soon! In the meantime, enjoy the flight video of the C.4A Swoosh.




Swoosh Mk II Fuselage -- Features:

  • Fuse doublers
  • Vertical Stabilizers
  • nose cone
  • battery hatch step

Swoosh Mk II Right Wing -- features:

  • Right Wing
  • Tail boom outside plates
  • Horizontal stab
  • Tail Boom liner

Swoosh Mk II Left Wing

  • Left Wing
  • Tail Boom filler
  • Servo arm skids

Modified Swappable Pod




Build Run through coming soon!


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C.8 Swoosh Mk II - PROTOTYPE