Multi-Configuration DIY Build - FREE PLANS

by IC Aeronautics | October 13, 2019 | (2) Posted in Projects
G38 Maiden Video

Build Video

To the Flite Test Community, 

Only a middle schooler, Josh has proven himself to be a lead engineering asset to the Innovation Center Aeronautics program. Tackling this project back in June before we broke for summer vacation, Josh had to learn CAD in order to get his idea to become a reality. With only a couple weeks in, Josh was able to figure it out, and from there it was Design Thinking at its best! From concept design to prototype to functional additions, he finally came up with a product that he can put his name behind. I have built hundreds of students designs before, this one has to rank pretty high with the best.  Fairly easy and quick to build with lots of configurations to choose from, it was a very enjoyable experience.  

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Jackson T on October 19, 2019
It must go with the name hehehe!
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NYCBobby on October 20, 2019
As usual you all at IC Aeronautics make my day. Love the plane and the kids are awesome. Looks like a fun build too. Keep rocking.
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Colonel_Space on November 14, 2019
This reminds me a lot of a cargo plane in world war two that had a cargo module on the bottom of the fuselage with a main body that looks very similar to the g38 above. I think that it could be interesting to see if it could be added as an extension.
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Multi-Configuration DIY Build - FREE PLANS