Smooth Moves: 3D Printed Landing Gear

by RCsean | September 20, 2019 | (2) Posted in Projects

Rough landings and foam board planes don’t mix well. After experimenting with several different options, I designed a lightweight, easy to install 3D-printed spring suspension landing gear system.

The landing gear system adds minimal weight (60g; 90g with large three-inch wheels) and is a breeze to add and remove—no tools needed. Nor does it require extra hardware to reinforce the bottom of the plane. Instead, the spring suspension system directs the load upon landing to the wing-mounting carbon fiber rods.  

In addition to reducing stress on the plane during hard landings (no more crunched foam!), the system enables smooth takeoff and landing from your average ball field. Plus, it looks cool!

Ready to print your own landing gear? Find 3D models and printing and assembly instructions here.  My website has more design ideas and free plans.  I designed the system specifically for the Dual Prop Sport (stay tuned for my next Flite Test article), but would also be compatible with your own plane design with a 2.25" (60mm) x 2.75" (70mm) fuselage.  


rblubaugh on October 17, 2019
Too bad everyone doesn't have a 3D Printer. Maybe, one day in the distant future.

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ccdman on November 18, 2019
For a long time, I too had that opinion when reading DIY articles here and other places, till I found out that there are on line services that will take your 3D print files and return your nicely finished part fairly quickly and reasonably priced. My own public library does this for me very inexpensively, and often within 1 or 2 days. I recently replaced the bashed up power pod in my FT trainer for $1.40!!
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smiling albert on October 24, 2019
Looks great.
Would it fit a tiny trainer?
Also looks like it might be adaptable to a Ju 52 I’m planning to build using unrauvs amazing plans .
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johnnydavid on October 30, 2019
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Smooth Moves: 3D Printed Landing Gear