Multiplex Dogfighter

by FliteTest | July 15, 2013 | (20 Ratings) Posted in Challenges

HITEC sent us some Multiplex DogFighter's to try out and what better way to try out these warbirds than to have a combat streamer challenge!
Multiplex DogFighter pushes a 9x6 prop, a fuselage length of 32 inches and features 35 inch wingspan. 

Nick Frederick (of Nacho Average Graphics) is a team pilot for HITEC. He stopped by the Flite Test flying field and joined Josh, Chad, and David in this warbird challenge.

The first challenge was the helium balloon streamer cutting challenge, which proved to be much harder than it looked.

Chad crashed during the first challenge so it was down to Nick, Josh and David to cut the balloon streamers.
Each balloon was released one at a time as the pilots attempted to cut the streamer.  
The next challenge was to mount the streamers to the Multiplex DogFighters and try to cut the opponents'.

Flying challenges like these are great way to enjoy the speed and durablitiy of the Multiplex DogFighters.

We'd like to thank HITEC for sending out these great foam airplanes! 

To learn more about the Multiplex DogFighters CLICK HERE.
Learn more about Nick Frederick and the HITEC team HERE  
You can also learn more about Nacho Average Graphics at

Check out additional photos from this episode and share your experiences in the forum HERE! 

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casehatter on July 15, 2013
This year the weather has killed the club flying weekends are bad and I get in a few days during the week. Looks like you guys have the best job in the world where do I apply????
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OutcastZeroOne on July 15, 2013
I've said it before, ill say it again. you guys have too much fun!
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trobi81 on July 16, 2013
Unfortunately I cannot watch videos at the moment because we are on mobile internet until we move house in a month :-( That said, I have a Multiplex Dogfighter that I'm struggling to get enough weight in the front to get the right CG. The engine is 180 grams and I'm running a 4000mAh battery and only just getting CG - its still tail heavy.

What engines are you guys running in this episode (sorry you probably say in the episode but I cannot watch the video because my bandwidth is restricted).

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Cyberdactyl on July 16, 2013
Fun stuff.

Looks like the Swede is melting from that mid-western heat.
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randall_l on July 16, 2013
I'm just curious why you folks are flying with the null point of the antenna towards the planes, instead of the signal disc?

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onemoreflite (John Michaels) on July 16, 2013
You know your addicted to FPV when you refer to your regular sunglasses as "Goggles"...
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sailorJohn on July 16, 2013
Great fun, but I had to go to youtube to get full screen . Am I missing something?
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liveyourdreamsRC on July 16, 2013
Nice David "goggles"! Made me laugh. Anyway are you guys still doing the swappable glider? Also would love to see the Naza vs. the Ardupilot
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trik on August 5, 2013
Thanks to you all. When I was younger I wanted an R/C plane, but had to shelve the idea because of the expense. I have since dallied with R/C controlled cars, but thanks to your site I have found R/C flight doesn't have to be expensive and I find my interest in R/C aircraft has been reawakend. I am looking forward to building some of your "foamy" plans. Many thanks for your infectious enthusiasm.
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