Messerschmitt Bf 109 - Building and Flying

by Edwin | November 7, 2013 | (14) Posted in Projects

This summer I both my first RC Plane and  started flying but as soon as I found the Flite test website I wanted to build something myself.
I loved the Spitfire build, but stumbled onto the article from ultramicrobe and by seeing his Swappable Messerschmitt Bf109 based on FT Spitfire I had the idee to build one but bigger, and some more details. 

Especially the nose part I wanted to have more details, and so I came up with the idea to use hard isolation foam and sculpture the nose with his war cannons.
So I came up with Sanding the form and bonding it on the foam board.

Bigger than the spitfire? Yes, so I used 5mm foam board and carbon fiber rods in the wing.

Wingspan 1,26 m.

To have à smoother surface befor painting I used

Multiplex Multi primer and Hobbico Hobbylite Filler

Before Painting the plane, I did lots of tests with different spray paints.

So I found out that i needed only Foam safe paint for the nose, and that for the foam board there was not really à restriction.

A good friend of my, came up with the idea to print on his 3d printer the structure for the cockpit,  so the plastic wood nod break immediately at the first wrong landing.

And sins I was only flying from this summer I intended to make à lot off them landings.

The First Flite.

Beginners mistake, or beginner’s luck, call it as you which. But I had no idée how to treat the CG point, and at my first hand launch the plane pointed his nose up and I had to struggle to keep control.

Ok. back behind the PC and one week off  reading and movies on the Flite test site I adapted the plane.I had to put almost 120gr of lead in the nose to get the plane balanced.

The result of this you see in the movie.
The plane needed some left trim, and is still very itchy on the elevator, but fly’s very nice.



jlt1968 on November 10, 2013
Great looking warbird,one of the best i'v seen. Thanks for the idea of using the foam to create a more realistic looking plane. I'm trying to figure out how to build the gullwing to turn the ft spitefire into an f4u coursair.
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Dagger_117 on November 10, 2013
Wow that is a great looking 109...excellent work
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sailorJohn on November 10, 2013
Good looking plane.
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LordVader on November 10, 2013
Wow, that is an AWESOME job. I like how you did the top of the nose.

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onemoreflite (John Michaels) on November 10, 2013
Awesome build!
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Balsa to Foam on November 10, 2013
WOW I recently built a bf 109 and that one looks much better.
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Michael763 on November 10, 2013
Nice looking plane.
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#3 on November 11, 2013
you did a great job building the 109 also flying it I thougt it was your first summer flying it I have been building and flying theese things starting in the early 1970s by my standards there should be notrhing left of this plane after the first landing I tiink I should try the simulators all the young pilots are useing again nice build
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Edwin on November 12, 2013
Thanks for all this nice comments,

@ jlt1968 I hope to see your 4FU Corsair soon,
If you have at that moment some building plans, that will be my next plane.

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Pauloar on November 12, 2013
SUper, just amazing!

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ultramicrobe on November 12, 2013
That is very cool. I love what you did with the nose, nice additions. Thanks also for posting. It is a lot of (not much fun) work making electronic copies of the plans, so if you don't know people are going to build it there is little incentive to make them. So thanks! By the way, I also found my prototype twitchy on its first flight. I had the CG right on the wing spar and balanced it by moving the battery back and forth, which is pretty standard. But what really changed the plane was dialing down the throws A LOT. Especially on the ailerons. On my radio/servo combo I have 40% and 40% expo on the ailerons and probably about the same on the elevator. This made it a completely different plane. Still very responsive, but you're not fighting with it all the time. You might try that on your next flight if you have not already.
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Edwin on November 15, 2013
I will by à DX6 and try working with expo, thanks.

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Mario on November 14, 2013
Parabéns, seu projeto ficou maravilhoso.
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jd7792 on December 12, 2013
I don't suppose you have plans to post for us 'fans' to BORROW! Do you?
Would really like to get the plans you used if possible.
All the best from down under

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Edwin on December 12, 2013
all credits for the plans go to ultramicrobe, you will find them in the article of his build. ;)
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flyingsquirrelrc on February 18, 2016
That is a beautiful plane. Me and my friend are going to try and build our own model to fit the mighty mini power pods. We're gonna scrap one of his trainers for it.

We might also build a p-47D :)
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Messerschmitt Bf 109 - Building and Flying