New Chimera 54" FPV Wing Maiden & Overview

by StoneBlueAirlines | September 11, 2013 | (9) Posted in Reviews

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You have been asking to see more of this brand new wing from Video Aerial Systems & iBcrazy well here it is the Chimera.

This is my personal build put together much like the Sweep Wings Juggernaut.

In this video you will see its first flight and also my set up and placement of gear.
It is a killer wing with wicked top end and super stable in the air.

Kits will be available soon for purchase. Comment below and let us know just how bad you want one.

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Videos Produced by Bondjr.
As always Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Repeat.

Flight Crew:
Bond Jr. :StoneBlueAirlines
iBcrazy: cagreve1231
Vango: Jasonglaze

FPV Gear:

FPV Dealers I like:

FPV Camera:
Sony CMQ1993X

HD Video Cameras:
808 #16 Keychain modded lens.
808 #16 V2 D Lens
GoPro3 Black Rage Cam Mod

Specter EPP
Raven EPP
Spartan 48 EPP Wing
Sweep Wings Juggernaut 48"
Chimera 54" EPP Wing
Mini EPP Wing
Flight Test Nut Ball

DJI F450 KK2.0 V1.6
Scratch Built T-Copter KK2.0 V1.6
Anycopter Tri KK2.0 V1.6

Radio: Futaba T7Cap 72mhz
Turnigy 9XR
Receiver: Coronal RP6D1 / RP8D1 72mhz
OpenLRS 433 & Orange RX Spektrum

Ground Station:
Helical & Cross Hair Antenna
Blue Beam Set
1.3 Ghz Tx & Rx

FPV Viewing:
Vuzix Wrap 920 Goggles
Vuzix Wrap 1200

Hobby Wireless VR1500

Flying Wing Calculator

T- Copter Calculator

Free Flight Sim for PC.


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Branding, Media, & Business Inquiries:


cloud9photos on September 13, 2013
Nice looking wing!
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StoneBlueAirlines on September 13, 2013
Even better flying.
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patrol7 on September 12, 2013
Can't want for the Chimera release..... And I can't wait for my shirt!!!! ;-)
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StoneBlueAirlines on September 13, 2013
It will be a small run at the start with some cool perks so stay tuned to my youtube page and FB as well if you want one.
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RoyBro on September 11, 2013
Very nice. I'll be interested to see the kit when it becomes available. Although I don't think I'm ready for too fast a plane just yet.

You guys are a huge asset to the hobby and I want to encourage everyone to support and thank these guys by ordering a T-Shirt. I've ordered mine. Sizes up to 6X.
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StoneBlueAirlines on September 11, 2013
It has a nice envelope of speed so you can fly it slow or fly it fast. Look for it later this year and details on my facebook page. Thanks for your support Roy that means a lot man. If you want to see more on this wing check out the pecan patch video i have a whole segment featuring it in there.
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RC-Flyer63 on September 11, 2013
Yes Yes Yes I must have it. I have been wanting a larger wing for a while now and when I saw the vid on The Pecan Patch I just fell in love. Will you be selling it on the Video Aerial Systems site? If so I will just heve to keep checking until it arrives. I dont do the facebook thing so cant follow it there. Thanks for all your very informative videos keep up the great work.
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StoneBlueAirlines on September 12, 2013
Just stay tuned to my youtube channel it will be released that way when its ready. Will do a promo video when its finally ready for the masses. You will like it.
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SepolP on October 26, 2013
Hi. Excellent job you made, in terms of design and flight performance too.
I would like to have one of this plane but I already have the electronics, the question is can I buy just the wing plane?

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StoneBlueAirlines on October 27, 2013
Yes we will have a wing kit available down the road. We just sold out of the pre-order kits so stay tunes and checkout my facebook page its were i post more info on availability.

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New Chimera 54" FPV Wing Maiden & Overview