New HUGE 3000mm Fox Glider from FMS - It's Massive

by FliteTest | November 8, 2018 | (4) Posted in News

FMS just released a monster of a sports glider. With a 3-meter wingspan, it's sure to turn some heads!

With an impressive 3000mm wing, this new model from FMS Model is a classic aerobatic glider with the largest wing size of any FMS aircraft. You'll expect to be able to pull of both positive and negative loops, stall turns, point rolls and inverted flight all with a forgiving, smooth flying aircraft with a ton of power. 

FMS Fox line

There have been quite a few Foxes released by FMS over the years - which is quite unsurprisingly actually as ‘FMS Fox’ is a pretty catchy name. There’s the standard 2300mm version, which is still rather large, and the far smaller and cuter 800mm Fox that is now discontinued.

What’s unique about this FMS Fox?

The first thing we should point out is the increased wingspan. It’s considerably larger than the 2320mm Fox. This comes in at a whopping 3000mm! That is, in David Windestal’s voice, huuuuge! 

Powering with 3000mm FOX is Predator 4258-KV550 motor, 70A ESC, when paired with a 6S battery, unleashes a powerhouse of thrust. There is a massive amount of power at your disposal to propel this huge model through the air. This setup runs on a 6S battery which isn’t cheap but gives you around 30 minutes of flight time, according to FMS. 

There's also high-quality folding prop for top efficiency whilst gliding.

Included in the fuselage and wings are high torque 23g metal geared servos.

These drive large control surfaces as well as flaps to slow you down for a landing.

There's glue-free snap together assembly which is nice. 

It looks like a very easy to assemble airplane. There are also plugin electronics in the wings making for a hassle-free assembly experience without wires hanging around to worry about. 

It's also a plane that's easy to transport along to the field - I know, it doesn't look like it should be. The Fox is designed to come apart in seconds with a quick release wing. Neat!

If you want us to review this beast of a glider, let us know in the comments below.

In the meantime, check out this new model out on the FMS website and other FMS planes on Horizon Hobby.

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CrazyFastFlying on November 8, 2018
Thats a really cool glider! I might have to get one sometime, but it's pretty expensive!
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Rimmy on November 8, 2018
There really are only two channels on YouTube I go to for product reviews, You and Bruce Simpson from RCModelReviews and Xjet. So yes, review all the things!
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Jackson T on November 11, 2018
PLEASE review this sweet glider!!!
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Gryf on November 13, 2018
Impressive! I’d love to see you guys review one.
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New HUGE 3000mm Fox Glider from FMS - It's Massive