Brushless Inductrix? Finally it's here!

by FliteTest | November 8, 2018 | (4) Posted in News

Everyone has been asking for it - and it's arrived. Here's the Inductrix FPV BL BNF Basic.

Many have said it’s the most popular micro quad there’s ever been. Up until now though, Blade's Inductrix quads have always been powered by brushed motors. Whilst it’s become normal for quads of this size to have brushless motors (like our sweet little FT Gremlins), the Inductrix has remained set in its ways. Last month, Horizon announced you can finally get a brushless version. So, what can you expect from the all-new BL Inductrix?

Product Video

Here's how the Blade guys put on a show with their new motors. 


A new mode for flipping the right way up after a crash. This is Horizon's trademarked version of turtle mode. They've called it 'Meow Mode' - an interesting choice of name, but the feature should be pretty darn handy for pilots who want to push the boundaries whilst avoiding getting up.

There's a nice 25mw camera included with the perfect amount of range to fly all over a large house and outside. What you’d expect to give you a clear and crisp image suitable for racing. 

You can change your video channel on the transmitter. This is helpful for when you have a group of friends round to fly as you won’t be stepping on each other’s frequencies. 

Whilst talking about your video, you’ll also have an on-screen display to help fly the quad. You’ll be able to see your flight mode, video channel info and pilot call sign whilst monitoring your battery voltages and flight times 

Although it looks pretty darn similar to any other Inductrix you may have seen in the past, this one actually has a brand new frame design to house those more powerful brushless outrunners. It’s also stronger meaning that you’ll be able to take a hit without worrying about damaging your props, controller or camera. 

The BNF (Bind and Fly) version of this quad makes it super easy to get flying in minutes. Just stick your batteries on charge, plug in your goggles and go. This is really how it should be these days from this type of product. 

If you want to pick up one of these for yourself, head on over to the Flite Test store. You can see our full range of quads on our drones page, along with our sweet little Gremlins. As a side note, you canget us to build you a Gremlin so you can have a similar ‘right out of the box’ experience to this new Inductrix. It’s up to you!

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Brushless Inductrix? Finally it's here!