Ninja Quick Tip: Transmitter Wall Hanger 3d print

by jetpackninja | January 21, 2018 | (0) Posted in Tips

Mannnn... I gotta get control of my shop. I had it somewhat organized but then I got back into the hobby in a big way after about a three year break.

My home office is full of RC truck stuff, plane stuff and 3D printer stuff.

Yeah, I know, looks like junk...

So, surfing the web, found something pretty cool on Thingiverse:

Been thinking about mounting my transmitters on the wall out of the way for a long time. I just never got excited about it until I saw these:

These are about a 3 hour print with the settings I used. A little acrylic paint to paint the raised lettering and Spektrum bars logo.

Looks great and allows me to hang my transmitters all together on the wall behind the door.

I'm sure there's plenty of other ways to get this done.

If you don't have a 3d printer there are plenty of other ways to get this done.

A wall mount could be made from a scrap of wood and some ply for example, but I really like this custom solution!

It looks cool and it's very functional. Works great with my DX6 and my old DX6i radios.

Here's the little MP Mini Delta printer whipping out a third one of these beauties.

Some happy transmitters hanging on the wall.

Hang your stuff on the wall and take control of your hobby room too!

Wintery, snowy, stormy winter weekend here in Utah.

No flying today :(

Keep building, flying and experimenting!


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Ninja Quick Tip: Transmitter Wall Hanger 3d print