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by VoroRC | January 24, 2018 | (3) Posted in How To

Hey everyone! My name is Andrew Grant and I started Voro RC years ago with the goal of teaching everyone a quicker and faster way of learning how to fly airplanes; everything from your very first flights, all the way up to the most advanced 3d flying there is today. The goal is the teach everyone as quickly and as simply as possible in the hopes to improve everyone's experience and skills with RC flight across the World. 

Below is a list of videos I have made which are in order of difficulty, easiest at the top and hardest at the bottom. Some are from years ago, (which I'm remaking) and a couple are new, and we'll be making much, much, much more!

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Please enjoy everything, feel free to ask any questions and request videos. Be sure to subscribe to the youtube page so you get the quickest release information on the various videos.

This video is an updated video to the How to Succeed on Flying an RC Airplane for the first flight.

This is the older version of the How to Fly 4 Channel RC Airplane video

The next video in the series is a great way to start learning How to Fly in the Wind

The next video in the series is Basic Aerobatics and learning simple moves. In this video you will learn Aileron Roll, Inverted Flight, and Loops.

The next video to check out once you've gotten fairly comfortable is learning basic 3d and the first on to work on is Knife Edge.

Next up we have the Flat Spin. Very popular move that is enjoyed by many pilots!

Up next we have the Upright Pop Top and Inverted Pop Top. Which is one of the most popular 3d maneuvers around; super fun and fairly simple to preform.

next we have the Blender, which is very similar to the Poptop

The very famous Knife Edge Spin, super fun spin to do.

Now that we've gone through this much, we are getting harder and harder. Next we have Harrier and Inverted Harrier.

After we learn Harrier flying we finally get to the Number 1 favored maneuver! HOVERING and TORQUE ROLLING.

Next up we have a few Quick Turnaround maneuvers which are very fun ways of changing direction.

Next is not super popular, however, when performed well it looks very nice. The Snake.

Next we have the next most popular 3d maneuver, the Rolling Harrier. This is super popular from all 3d pilots.

After we master the Rolling Harrier, we can start to work up the ladder even more. Next up we have the Weeble Wobble.

Thank you all so much for checking out my videos. Our goal is to create more and more videos to bennefit everyone learning this amazing hobby. Please subscribe to see the latest How To Fly videos!

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JamesWhomsley on January 24, 2018
Awesome job!
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Nathaniel on January 24, 2018
Very comprehensive videos! Nice job bro!
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Desert Wings on January 30, 2018
I have been subscribed to your you-tube channel for years, even when you took a posting break. Love your videos. Thanks.
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