Not a Plane.. BUT It's Close

by EZ Air | December 5, 2013 | (5) Posted in Projects

So i started making an air boat (swamp buggy) out of adams form board and here we go 


first i cut out the long pieces for the main frame 20"x2"

then i cut out the width wise pieces which are from a 10"x2" Piece 

then i used a hot glue gun to glue everthing together and made a few adjustments 

sorry for the lack of pictures i did the rest of the manufacturing in school as a tech design project 

and this is the finished product wrapped in the real duct tape (aluminum tape)

NOTE: unlike the foamies where you leave the paper on you MUST take the paper off of the foam for these boats Eg. this is the Mk 2 and on the Mk 1 i learned the hard way and kept the paper on and it kind of fell arpart in the middle of my pond 


KJ4CCH on December 9, 2013
This is pretty cool! Someone built one that featured a glow engine, and it had so much power! Will it run up on grass? Cool build man!
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EZ Air on December 9, 2013
yeah it runs great on grass and even with this little motor it has alot of torque

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Bellows on December 15, 2014
Hi , I started a thread about Air Boats in the Flite Test forum and I included a link to your article. I hope it sparks discussion,
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Not a Plane.. BUT It's Close