Podcast Episode 211: Josh and Lee Sit-down

by FliteTest | September 6, 2021 | (0) Posted in Podcasts

Josh and Lee sitdown for their first podcast together. In this podcast they peel back the curtains of FT and begin to discuss what things look like behind the scenes. The truth is, although there is a lot of fun that happens around FT there is  just as much hard work, and personal obstacles, that are dealt with on a daily basis. In this podcast Josh and Lee explore some of these realities that surround FT and look to what is in store for the future.


winglet on September 11, 2021
Lee and Josh. Happy to see the podcasts are back. I always did enjoy them and kept my interest in FT high. Just hearing your voices makes me want to fire up the hot glue again.

REALLY excited about Flite Test Midwest. Now I will be able to easily attend FT events. (Hopefully a mid-west Flite Fest). Only a couple of hours away!
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Podcast Episode 211: Josh and Lee Sit-down