Project EZ Jets

by FliteTest | September 7, 2021 | (1) Posted in Reviews

Flite Test has created Project EZ Jets to be a high-performance STEM experience that can be used in learning environments at school, home, camps or near the sound barrier.  The STEM Lesson Guide will propel you through the discovery about aerodynamic drag forces and why wings on very fast aircraft look the way they do.  

The lesson guide and on-line videos will show you how to build and fly three unique jet-themed foam board planes.  The FT EZ3 Jets can be flown as gliders or combined with the EZ Power Pack for remote controlled flight.  Cruise on missions as long as 10 minutes with ranges of over 400ft. After you have soared to new heights with these jets, you can follow the lesson guide and use the included materials to design and build your own. 

The K-12 STEM curriculum guides the student and teacher/parent sequentially through six to ten hours of lessons/activities, culminating in the student designing and operating an original aircraft design. Building on the concepts and skills learned in both the Project EZ BasiX Bundle and the Project EZ Space Flite, students will learn new aerodynamic concepts and skills through project-based learning.  

The STEM lessons and activities are specifically designed for the FT EZ3 Jets.  Students will have the opportunity to apply design thinking skills through our Engineering Design Model to create and fly their own aircraft using the included blank foam pieces. The Project EZ curriculum is strategically aligned with the ISTE International Society for Technology in Education standards, creating a great opportunity for both the classroom and homeschooling environments.  Fly to new heights today with the FT STEM Project EZ Jets!

Checkout the FT STEM Store to get your students learning and flying, and having fun doing it.


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Project EZ Jets