Podcast: Giant Scale Airliners! ft. RamyRC

by FliteTest | February 4, 2019 | (4) Posted in Podcasts

This week on the FT Podcast, James is joined by RamyRC to talk about his gigantic RC airliner projects.

Ramy is known for ambitious radio control projects like his Boeing 777 X9 and 1/4th scale Viper Jet with all the gadgets and gizmos you could think of. A few weeks ago, we sat down over the internet to talk about these models along with why he builds big, challenges himself, and deals with the pressure of flying giant RC airplanes. 

Boeing 777X-9


Model: Boeing 777-9X

Scale: 1/20

Wingspan: 3.5 meters

Fuselage: 3.8 meters

Weight: 17 KG

The 777X is a brand new long-range aircraft from Boeing which is planned to be introduced to airlines in 2020. It's currently under development, but that didn't stop Ramy producing a functional model that includes folding wingtips just like the original. 

As mentioned on the podcast, Ramy's 777 even noticed by Lufthansa, one of the airliners who will be flying the 9-X when it comes into service. If you're wanting to see one fly before 2020, I'd recommend you watch this one. "I think big airplanes, in my opinion, they fly better". 

Viper Jet 

Ramy decided that he should have a fast jet to accompany the airliners in his fleet. Here's the first part of this journey. 

Part 2 of the build sees the Viper Jet progress from filler and fiberglass techniques, used to smooth and strengthen the plane, right up to the covering of the aircraft. 

The aircraft was finished at the end of the 2018 summer season in time for a maiden. Next year, I'm sure, Ramy will have a ton of fun flying this with the upgraded power system we talked about. 

If you want to build a giant scale aircraft of your own, make sure to write about it and share your progress on flitetest.com! 


To find out more, and view Ramy's many other RC airplane endeavors, check out these links. 

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Article by James Whomsley

Editor of FliteTest.com

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Podcast: Giant Scale Airliners! ft. RamyRC