Powered Paper Airplanes

by IC Aeronautics | December 10, 2018 | (3) Posted in Just Fun

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To The Flite Test Community,

We had the great opportunity to try out the product line of PowerUp Toys, they are an awesome company that is fostering the greatest tradition of young minds in schools all around the world today...that is the engineering of paper airplanes!  They have created basic pushers to FPV modules that inserts onto the paper aircraft and then flies the unit in a variety of fun and challenging ways.  My students has utilized the PowerUp Toys modules and they have had a lot of success with them! These awesome pieces of tech allows the students to be placed in a learning environment putting into practice aeronautical principles, basic physics of flight, and remote controlled flight.

After struggling a little at first, my students started to figure it out and the paper airplanes were being flown all over the building.  From a teacher to another teacher, I would say middle school or above for the App controlled modules, and FPV modules the same.  They would be very challenging for upper elementary, not saying they couldn't do it, but it would be challenging.  Their basic pusher module is perfect for elementary, I have 1st and 3rd graders all over it for a couple of hours.

As always, thanks for watching, reading, and supporting the IC Aeronautics team.

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Powered Paper Airplanes