Collection of FREE 3D Prints For RC Airplanes!

by FliteTest | December 11, 2018 | (8) Posted in Just Fun

Here is a list of 3D prints for you to upgrade your scratch built Flite Test planes with. 

It's no secret that our Flite Test community is a truly diverse, passionate, and talented group of people. When we all get stuck in, we can create amazing things with the tools available to us. Here are some 3D prints available to all that were created by community members and RC airplane designers that you can benefit from. 

By the way, if you need a 3D printer, our top choice for an all-rounder with fantastic quality would be the Creality 3D CR-10S. Treat your workshop to one this winter and start producing unique models, RC components and more.


If you're looking to beef up and strengthen areas of your scratch builds, 3D printing reinforcement pieces might be a good idea. You can download a bunch of motor mounts, powerpods and firewalls to do this. Here are a few examples. 

3D Printed Power Pods

Ben Harbor (the master foam board engineer behind the XB-70 Valkyrie project) designed these tiny mounts for his suped-up FT Superbee which can reach speeds in excess of 100mph.

They've been designed to be fitted snugly around the SuperBee airfoil. 

Here you can see how they fit.

Here's the flight video of this FT 'TurboBee'.

Goblin Nose Brace

As anyone who's crashed before will know, you tend to break a lot of noses when flying RC. So, one way to help with those occasional "unplanned landings" might be to secure extra sheets of wood or material to the inside of your airframe. One neat way to strengthen the FT Goblin's nose might be to use this print, however.

The idea with this one is that your model will have an internal plastic structure on the inside which fits around the airfoil of the Goblin. 

Hey presto! There's one very sturdy looking FT Goblin.

Firewall (Flat)

For almost any of our DIY airplanes, you can use 3D printed plastic firewalls instead of our standard wooden ones. Here is one such 3D printable firewall.

Firewall (with tabs)

To better fit the foam board powerpod of your swappable model, you can use this firewall which includes tabs that slot into the folded foam.

Exhaust Stack Detail

If you're looking to take your model to the next level athletically, you could try glueing on some exhaust stacks. These take no time to print and can be made in several styles:

FT Mustang

FT MiG-3

FT Spitfire Merline Engine

You can read more about fine detailing your models in this article.

Detail Parts

There are a whole bunch of detail parts available for free download on - from spinners to cowlings to cockpit instrument pannels. Here's a package of various details designed for a balsa wood BF 109 on that webiste. They don't have to be used on just this model though - you can scale down the prints slightly to fit on/inside any of our FT designs. 

The cockpit parts are nicely detailed. There are a ton of gauges and dials all accurately modeled. 

The spinner comes in two parts that can be printed seperately and fitted together. 

These exhaust stacks could be used on a number of models. 

The flatter components such as the cockpit instrument panel are quick to print. there was also little chance of print failure due to it being a relatively simple model that prints rapidly.  

Once installed inside the airplane, it really looks the part. The canopy glazing was created using some transparent plastic and strips of thin card. 

A gunsight was also made from clear plastic. These small additions add more detail and help to compliment the 3D printed parts. It's really very easy to add a lot of character and style to your creations!

You can read all about this particular RC model here.

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Collection of FREE 3D Prints For RC Airplanes!