Pusher Grand Prix

by MESA RC | February 17, 2015 | (20) Posted in Just Fun



To the FliteTest Community,

About a month ago we were getting ready to do a rematch of our MF-Boats on the snow when we wondered why we always make boats or floor warriors.  How come we can't come up with something really cool and make a major production out of it using our new equipment earned from the Grant we won a couple months back.  We threw around some ideas, and wondered could we pull off a Formula One Pusher.  Below what our prototype;


Some 8th graders got together and designed the steering mechanism using a combination of 3D printed and Laser cut parts.  It worked out well, but once hitting the wall the car folded, so we restructed the chasis with a wooden piece extending to the back of the car with a built in spoiler attached with a motor mount seen here;

The steering mechanism did well enough as our first try and consisted of a network of fittings, washers, sleeves, etc. Seen here:

The biggest goal and design specifications was to stay within all the same materials used for flying our planes, we wanted to stay true to the scratch build theme.  So all the equipment is the same used as for all our jets, some were outfitted with FT-Power Pod specs.  The tires were made of layers of foam board and covered with cabinet liner, all scratch materials.  Now the chasis was standardized, however, the body was all on the students, Danny and Marshall came up with this;


Others seen here on the starting line had their own unique look for different reasons,


Engineering the cars was a blast, however, making a big production out of it was even better...


We hoped you enjoyed watching and sharing the video, this Friday we will release the build video and FREE Plans of the Formula One Pushers so stay tuned.

For more information about the program: http://www.mesarcfoamfighters.com/ 

Follow future projects at: https://www.facebook.com/MESArcFF

Thank you,

The MESArcFF Team 


LordVader on February 18, 2015
Now this is pure Genius. I love it. Just another awesome use of DTFB and RC stuff. You guys are awesome. You could probably build a 4x4 too. Keep it up guys. Love the vids and the ingenuity.

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marc60 on February 18, 2015
Stil got a big grin on my face after watching this. You guys/girls must have had a lot of fun building and driving this. I think it's great!

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XFlyer on February 18, 2015
Try putting rubber bands on the front wheels to help turn. Also it will make for some fun drifts.
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Pokey on December 23, 2015
how do you setup the steering in the front

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MESA RC on December 27, 2015
By placing a normal servo in the center with a servo horn that is a 180. Place control rods off of them have them hook to your front wheel assembly. It can be a pretty crazy process, hard to explain using words.
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Pusher Grand Prix