Ask Us Anything: January 2017

by FliteTest | January 11, 2017 | (2 Ratings) Posted in News

Josh and Josh answer your burning questions about FliteTest and about the RC hobby.

How many full-time and part-time staff does FliteTest employ? 20

When and where is Flite Fest 2017? FF East is July 13-15 in California! West and South are TBA. Visit for updates!

When is the Shinden going to be finished? This year in March or April!

What flight controller was used on the Christmas tree? The Vector

What the best Spektrum transmitter that won’t break the bank? DXE 6-Channel Transmitter ($89.99)—can be plugged into iPhone to program or DX6E 6-Channel Transmitter with AR610 Receiver ($179.99)

Which is the stranger Josh? That's for you to decide! 

Can the DX6I be used for a differential thrust plane such as the SeaDuck? Yes. You have to do something a little bit different on the mixing. Make sure there aren’t other mixes on there that would interfere. You need to slave your throttle to another channel and slave your rutter to both the throttle and the other channel you slaved to the throttle. 

Why don’t we get more speed kits in Germany? Good news! We have the Spear over there— is distributing for us in several countries.

Will you be doing more videos and challenges with STEM classes? Absolutely! One of the awesome things we've added is... Check out some of our past videos and challenges and stay tuned for more in the future! Visit the STEM website for more information.

Will we see more large scale RC flying? Yes! We’re beginning to add more content around general aviation and we can use your help. Visit our General Aviation page with any ideas.

Will FliteTest be doing more aircraft reviews in the future? Yes.

Will FT create an EDF aircraft kit in the future? Yes. We’re still looking for a really good quality 7mm power pack that can take a lot of hits.

Are you moving out of North Canton? Yes. We’ll be announcing some more information this year!

Where's Peter? Peter left FliteTest about six months ago to help with his family business and now we have a new Peter, Chad! Check out some of his most recent work here

Has working in the RC industry made RC more of a job and less of a hobby? Absolutely NOT. We’ve become even more passionate about our trade and it makes us excited to come to work every day. We believe planes and aircraft are a way we can positively impact others.

Is the micro Adams Foam Board going to be available any time soon? Yes. It will be in the future. Something important to know is that although it’s thinner it is only about 10 percent lighter.

What are important tips for beginner FPV pilots? 1. Get out into a big space. 2. Don’t fly indoors. 3. Don’t fly around other people. 4. Keep it low. Check out our beginner series posts for more tips and tricks.

What kind of paint should be used for painting water-resistant foam board? It should be solvent based, which provides good bite/adhesion to the board. Rust-Oleum and MTN are two of our favorites. Here’s some tips on how to use it well.

Are the brushless motors waterproof? Yes. However, saltwater destroys them. We have some videos on how to waterproof your electronics.

What would be good careers that translate my RC hobby into a career? There are several aspects of aviation that would translate well. Commercial pilots are currently in high demand and there are drone pilot careers out there as well. Check out local aviation schools to get more information.

How often do you post your Vlog? Every Tuesday and Friday—subscribe!


bitogre on January 11, 2017
Is it me or is this a Typo: "When and where is Flite Fest 2017? FF East is July 13-15 in California!"? I think it is a typo as California is not in the East of the US.
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Wade P. on January 11, 2017
Lol, I didn't even notice that
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wanabeRCexpert on January 14, 2017
I hope it is in cal, as i live there!
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Ace 13 on January 11, 2017
Will Fitetest ever visit Utah again?
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FoamTest on January 12, 2017
I think that there is a typo for the "7mm edf" or Flitetest is making an edf that can power a toothpick glider.
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FoamTest on January 12, 2017
Another thing as well, will there still be a regular Flite Fest in Ohio?
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Coreycmk on January 13, 2017
Hi,I do not have a p.c. to print out the plans for diy scratch build,how can I transpose them from my phone to the foam board?
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mikeporterinmd on January 16, 2017
The spray paint Chad mentioned can be bought from I placed an order for Black, White, Yellow and a Green. The "94" comes in many, many different colors. Excited to try this. (Note: I just placed the order. I've not received it nor used it.) It's about $6.50 US a can, but shipping pushed the cost to $10/can.
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flying-coqui on January 19, 2017
You can make a multirotor/fpv beguiner series??
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AprilRussell on July 22, 2017
I think that there is a typo for the "7mm edf" or Flitetest is making an edf that can power a toothpick glider. happy room
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