Quadcopter flight time: How to calculate?

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Do you want to extend your quadcopter flight times to 30 minutes? then you are now at the exact place. Here will tell you a formula to calcuate fligth times then choose the longest flight time battery for your drone. That's why I share this article.


About Lipo Battery Parameters

1. Cell Count

Battery voltage or the cell count is an important parameter that need to be noted before you purchase any battery. With a higher cell count, performance is maintained above par. However,higher cell counts translate to an increase in weight which, in some cases, affects performance. For this reason,battery voltage needs to be checked before you purchase any battery.

2. The Size

Size is crucial. Different batteries have different sizes in terms of dimensions as well as weight.You have to be clear on the specific size which best suites your quadcopter. In fact, failure to understand this factor can really mess up your experience.

3. The C-Rating

C-Rating is yet another crucial aspect that need to be checked before you decide to settle for any battery for your quadcopter. Batteries with an extremely low discharge rating often result in under-performance. However, this does not necessarily imply that those with the hightest C-Rating are the best since they are heavier. You need to get a battery whose C rating is convenient for your quadcopter.

4. The Connector Type

There are several battery connectors, the entire process of soldering battery connectors can be tiring and hectic at times. It is always a good idea for one to maintain a given connector type. This way, you are able to make fast and quick connections without having to waste time doing numerous “trial and error” procedures.

If you have any questions about lipo battery, you can looking for help or reading Flitetest forum discussion here.

Calculator Formula

Quadcopter flight times =(Battery Capacity * Battery Discharge /Average Amp Draw)*60

Battery Capacity: For calculator you have to take the battery’s capacity in amp hours, To convert from mAh to Ah, battery capacity divide by 1000. For instance, 1800mAh/1000=1.8Ah.

Battery Discharge: It’s common practice to not discharge your LiPo batteries below 20% mAh during flight; In other words, the effective capacity is only 80% that can be used during flight time. For instance, 1.8Ah*0.8=1.44A 

Average Amp Draw: Before quadcopter battery calculator you work out the average amp draw, you have to know two things, one is about your carrying weight of your quadcopter which include battery weight. An other thing is the parameters of quadcopter motor, Read your motor instructions, you have to know how many amps one motor will be draw to produce 100g of thrust? This is the key points in the calculation of Average Amp Draw. 


How to calculate quadcopter flight times

For instance, i have a lipo battery 3s 3300mAh, I calculated the average amp draw of quadcopter to be around 20 amps, and I am making an assumption that 80% of battery capacity will is used, then the quadcopter flight time is 7,92 minutes. Know more about quadcopter flight time calculator from here then choose the longest flight time battery for your quadcopter. If you have some lipos at home, there are some tips to follow to make sure you keep looking after lipo batteries.


Tips & tricks to keep looking after lipo battery

#1 Don't destroy your battery

Never let your drone’s battery charge drop to 0%. This will ultimately destroy the battery sooner than later, so flying your drone when the battery percentage is at 20% is when you should be landing it.

Some say that letting the battery die out completely during your maiden flight will help extend it, but that could not be farther from the truth. Never allow your battery to hit 0%.

Most drones use Li-Po batteries and you can learn everything there is to learn about them from this in-depth article.

#2 The proper voltage

The voltage, or cell count if you prefer, is crucial. Going with a high voltage brings more power but adds weight. Going with a lower voltage decreases the overall weight but has less power. Overall, you’re going to need to figure out which voltage amount is better for your drone on your own.

#3 Charging temperature

The cell shall be charged within 0 °C ~40 °C range in the Product Specification



Extending your flight time is easy as pie, and there is a ton of ways to do so. Knowing how to calculate flight time and extend the flight time to the full extent of your drone is solely based on your drone, so knowing your drone is very important.


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Quadcopter flight time: How to calculate?