Quadlugs Mini Tricopter

by MESA RC | December 5, 2014 | (5) Posted in Reviews


To the FliteTest Community,

We had another great opportunity to combine both the MESArcFF and ELITE clubs together to do a review on the Quadlugs Mini Tricopter.

Danny over at Quadlugs has been our best sponsor to date making sure that the students of MESArcFF and abroad are being taking care of multirotor equipment to teach our students about the mechanical design and proper usage of the craft. This episode features one of Danny's latest creations to his list of items called the Mini XL tricopter. The students were really interested in this rotor because of the curosity of how he did his swivel mechanism for the back motor.  From the looks and performance of the unit, it proved to be very durable and had a very smooth rotation of the motor.


As you can see in this picture, the servo rests easily from the rear of the mechanism and is easy to get too for replacement if needed.  The only downfall maybe to the design was how long the mechanism extended from the booms.  Other then that it proved to be of high quality.

Jack and Jake did the review piece for the Tricopter, they did a great job explaning the design and function of the rotor.  Below is the specs used for this particular multiroto;

Now usually the first impression when seeing the quadlug designs is that they are heavy when actually they are not. They about the same as any other rotor that encompases booms.  We can get an easy 8 minutes of flight out one battery with the Tri fullly loaded. Speaking of the flight characteristics, the copter proved to be very stable with a slight tail oscillation that can be easily fixed before future flights.  However, even with the minor oscillation it performed just fine.

The mobius onboard came proved to take great videos and pictures, no jelly really for just strapping the camera onboard the craft. Below is a cool angle shot of the school.

Nick has proven to be a great pilot for reviewing the product that is coming in to really showcase what they can do in the air.

Below is the image and link to the Tricopter, help support Quadlugs who in returns help supports the MESArcFF program.

Tricopter Link: http://quadlugs.com/collections/frontpage/products/quadlugs-mini-xl-tri-copter-frame-kit-coming-soon


For more information about the MESArcFF program: http://www.mesarcfoamfighters.com/

Thank you,

The MESArcFF Team


llharper on December 5, 2014
Nice job guys!!
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Quadlugs Mini Tricopter