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To the Flite Test Community;

One of our students had this cool idea of fusing both his love for rocketry and flight by creating a Goblin housed with a estes rocket.  The project brought on a new challenge in that he had to create a remote detonation.  Here was his setup found here;


After a couple tries he was able to get it to work! First trial was trying to launch the aircraft off the ground vertically and that didn't work as he explains why in the video.  Getting the help from others in the class, they rigged something up together and created a perfect moment.  The level of excitement seeing them work so hard on this project to get it done to share was an honor to watch.  What these students took away are the things that are going to make them successful in life.  We hope you guys enjoy watching the video and consider supporting and subscribing to our channel.

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Air-headed Aviator on January 18, 2020
This is perfect, puts me into the mood to build, design, and fly all at once!
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NYCBobby on January 20, 2020
I've been enjoying your videos for a long time but I think this time you have out done yourselves. What an awesome project and the video footage is spectacular. You over at IC Aeronautics are amazing. Keep on rocking.
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