Runcam 3S HD - Overview

by FliteTest | September 26, 2018 | (2) Posted in Reviews

The Runcam 3S is now available on the Flite Test Store. Here's what you can expect from this GoPro Session lookalike.

Runcam has a history of creating quality camera and video transmitter products for all of us FPV hobbyists. With their compact 3S model, a camera with a similar form factor as the recently discontinued GoPro Session 5, they may have hit upon a niché we can all take advantage of, whether we fly quads or airplanes. So what's under that striking orange exterior? 

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The first thing we should talk about is how much this camera will set you back. It costs just $99.99 whilst packing in plenty of impressive numbers and features. As hobbyists, often investing in one camera is not enough. You might want several angles or to keep backup units in case you end up smashing one into a tree. At this sub $100 price point, the 3S allows us this freedom. 

Perhaps one of the less impressive specs of the 3S is the resolution. There's no 4K, no SuperView, and no 1440p. All you get is 1080p and 720p. You can run the 3S at 1080p with 60fps, 1080p with 50fps, 1080p at 30fps and 720p at 60fps. However, here's the crux: as a sub $100 camera, you're really not going to be able to get 4K video at this price point. The 3S simply isn't designed to supply that type of performance. Instead, you can enjoy a solid hobby camera for a very affordable price. 

Going onto form factor, the 3S is bigger than the Session 5 and original Runcam 3. Some have theorized that Runcam needed to make the camera larger than the Session for legal reasons. Being larger, though, also means it can fit a removable battery, one feature absent from the older Runcam 3. 

The one problem with making this camera larger than its predecessor is that you now won't be able to fit it into any of the mounts from the previous generation. This might be a bit of a problem if you've invested in many Runcam 3 accessories. 

It should be noted that this casing is not waterproof. For this reason, it's not going to stand up as a great all-around action camera. For that job, you're really better going for a GoPro. For the job of sticking this to the front of a race quad, though, you can't go wrong (unless you happen to crash into a lake). 

The Runcam 3S is wifi enabled. This means you can pair it with your smartphone to preview the FPV feed and change various settings. 

What's in the box?

It comes with a micro-USB TV-out power cable, micro-USB cable, removable 850mAh battery, and some velcro. To find out more, check out the product page on our store. 


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Concluding Thoughts

It's simple and it works. The Runcam 3S specifically targets FPV, quad racing and model airplanes and delivers. For £99, you know you can rely on this cuboid to capture some great footage without a massive investment. Yes, you might miss some of the features found on more expensive cameras, but for this market, it's perfectly capable. It's not trying to be a GoPro, it's trying to be something new, niché and awesome all on its own. 

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Runcam 3S HD - Overview