Simple FPV

by FliteTest | September 5, 2011 | (20) Posted in Projects

Well here it is. We listen to our viewers and everyone wants to know what FPV system we use. In this episode, we talk about our FPV gear as well as show you how it works. If you haven't tried FPV yet, you don't know what your missing out on. 


subsonichobby on September 3, 2012
Here are a few steps to make a cheap Inverted Vee antenna

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subsonichobby on September 23, 2012
Here is pod.

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Soldier53 on July 2, 2012
you need a Quad with a claw on it so you can fly over and pick up your planes when you are out there!?
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pyc789 on July 15, 2012
nice idea
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FlightMedic12 on August 16, 2012
Where can i get a detailed plan for the FPV cam ?

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squishy on October 9, 2013
Don't forget KISS FPV, lol
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DirectGumby on December 16, 2013
Was thinking about a cheap viewing solution and figured, why not use my computer/laptop/tablet to view. I found with something like this:
The only thing I don't know is how much latency it may add.
But it may help those who want to keep the cost lower for the initial ground station setup.
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dr3n3al on August 18, 2014
broken link to "Frequency Chart (Article)"
current link:
correct link:

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Simple FPV