Stathams Quarry 3D Photomesh

by The Aero Scout | August 31, 2014 | (0) Posted in Just Fun

There is alot of excitment right with the use of drones and photogrammetry, this new technology (along with new software) has made it much easier to create virtual models of real life objects using some fairly basic systems.

This is Jason's attempt at creating a 3D photomesh of a cliff face at the local quarry using his QR X350 Pro, SJ 4000 actionCam and Autodesk ReCap 360.

Enjoy the results of his afternoon of hiking, flying, photocapturing and processing ..... all in under 4 minutes. :)

The subject matter for today's photogrammetry experiment, the eastern face of Stathams Quarry in the hills of Perth.

Gathering the images at the site simply using an Walkera X350P with an SJ 4000 (GoPro clone) mounted to it's belly.

Loading up the images on the laptop to Autodesk's Recap service.

The end result after waiting only a few minutes .... an amazingly accurate virtual 3D model!  

Don't try this at home kids! ..... the best way to land a X350P, with a mid-air grab. :)


Red20RC on December 8, 2014
Nice! I'm going to have to investigate Autodesk further...
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donnyb on January 1, 2015
Did you just load up the photos and the auto desk put them together for you? Really neat stuff! By the way, how long have you used this program? You could make some really video game with this!!!
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Stathams Quarry 3D Photomesh